Top Ten Free Online Courses in Hotel Management in 2022

The high demand for high-quality hotel services across the world means that a career in hotel management has the potential to be very lucrative. Whatever your career goals are, learning from free online courses in hotel management might open a whole new set of possibilities for you.

In the hospitality sector, the services you and your team provide represent your company’s beliefs and culture. You need great coordination and flawless operations from all hotel departments in order to provide great customer service and get a good review.

So, consider taking these free courses if you’re serious about a career in hospitality management. Also, if you want to attend a hotel management school, you’ll need to take any of these courses. Now, let’s explore some of these free courses in this article.

Top Ten Free Online Courses in Hotel Management

An Overview of Hotel Management

Eco-tourism, business administration, marketing, management, and leisure are all themes covered in hotel management. It also deals with a hotelier’s operations.

Now, hotel management entails several duties. Hotel management will teach you responsibility, adaptability, financial management, and customer service. If you want to work in the hospitality industry, hotel management will help you learn how to work with others, communicate, and lead others, as well as have a good eye for detail, so you can do well.

Studying hotel management offers several advantages. This is a never-ending sector, hence the need for hotel management positions and hotel management students will never cease. Also, hotel managers are admired for their work in hospitality, management, and other things.

Remember, if a foreign visitor leaves positive recollections of our country, hotel management has done its job effectively.

Now, in this article, we’ll talk about the scope of online courses in hotel management, the job, the trends in hotel management, the qualifications, and the tests.

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What is an online course in Hotel Management?

Hotel management is an excellent course for launching a career in the hotel or hospitality business. It comes in different types, such as a Diploma in Hotel Management, a Degree in Hotel Management, and an MBA in Hotel Management. There are also some certificate courses.

Certainly, the course will teach students the skills and knowledge required to excel in hotel management. Many programs teach management and executive skills in conjunction with hotel operations. In this profession, you may study public relations, advertising, hospitality finance, food service management, and hotel regulatory needs, to name a few.

So, this course may prepare students for higher-level positions in the hospitality industry. This seminar may also assist those in the hospitality business who want to further their careers.

The cost of a hotel management degree varies substantially across schools. The program’s duration and reputation are crucial factors. Prospective students can ask the universities for information about tuition, fees, and financial aid.

Students who finish this course may be qualified for a variety of careers globally. Each of these departments has managerial responsibilities. You may also handle cruise ships, vacationers, forest cabins, airline cuisine, or any other form of company.

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Top Ten Free Online Courses in Hotel Management with Certificates in 2022

1. Hotel Management: Distribution, Revenue, and Demand Management Specialization

Powered by: Coursera

In this free online course in hospitality management, you will learn about hotel demand management, distribution, and revenue management. Also, you’ll learn how e-commerce intermediaries like online travel agencies are changing the already-complicated hospitality industry. You’ll learn how to sell your hospitality company’s services and generate more money in this business environment.

Your final capstone project will examine the importance of hotel branding to company success using a real-world case study. During the discussions, senior hotel executives will discuss critical industry distribution, revenue, and demand management concerns. We’ll also chat with two leading online travel agents about how to maximize your hotel or resort’s internet business. Because we work with Duetto and SnapShot, two of the best hospitality businesses, we can always get the most up-to-date facts.

Enroll Here

2. Food & Beverage Management

Provided by: University of Bocconi

First, you’ll learn current issues that food and beverage managers and entrepreneurs need to be prepared to deal with, and second, we’ll provide them with the models and tools they need to develop and execute strategies that meet client needs and give them an edge over the competition.

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There are four modules and an introduction included in this course that focus on food and beverage industry dilemmas. Guest lecturers and video lectures will be available to you. Attendees will get valuable ideas and examples from managers and professionals in these talks, which provide an approachable introduction to specialized subjects.

A graded quiz and weekly discussion forums accompany each module to reflect on the diversity, complexity, and power of the network we will construct together throughout the course of the F&B industry. Discussion forums are held on a weekly basis.

Following the grading rules, students who have successfully completed all course quizzes are only eligible to get a completion certificate.

Enroll Here

3. The Fundamentals of Revenue Management: The Cornerstone of Revenue Strategy

Provided by: Coursera

To keep your hotel running, you need to know how it will make money for you. As part of hotel management, you will learn how much it costs to run a hotel in this free online course in hotel management. Analytics-based methods are also used to predict how people will act in the future, so that sales predictions can be made. This free online course in hotel management is 11 hours long. Readings and tests are assigned, and upon completion, a shareable certificate is awarded.

Enroll Here

4. The Fundamentals of Hotel Distribution

Provided by: Coursera

Coursera is the best platform to take online courses, and people from all over the globe utilize it. It’s through them that you’re getting this free online course in hotel management. If you want to learn about hotel demand management, distribution, and revenue management, this hotel distribution course is for you.

E-commerce intermediaries, such as online travel brokers, are transforming the hotel business. In this new global industrial environment, you’ll also learn about tools and tactics to help you sell hospitality services and increase company income.

More so, Videos, texts, and practical exercises make up the bulk of this course, which clocks in at roughly 16 hours. Coursera offers this course for free to anybody who wants to take it.

Enroll Here

5. Luxury Management

Offered by:  Hong Kong Polytechnic University via edX

This free online hotel management course from Hong Kong Polytechnic University is one of the finest we’ve seen. This eight-week course, taught by two highly regarded associate professors, is expected to take students 50–65 hours per week to finish. A wide range of topics related to the management of a luxury brand in the hotel business will be covered, including:

  • Investigating high-end brands
  • Identifying and utilizing brand potential, as well as managing brands
  • Investigating current and future trends in the luxury market, as well as client behavior
  • Identification of the Molecular Make-up and Structure of a Brand
  • Communication, sustainability, and the production of new ideas
  • • Case studies in luxury management

Enroll Here

6. Free Hospitality Career Training

Offered by: American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute

The American Hospitality and Lodging Education Institute (AHLEI) provides free online courses to help hotel management personnel use their leisure time during the worldwide epidemic. There is no charge for registering for any of these courses, and certificates may be acquired as part of a course upgrade. The free online hotel management courses also include:

  • The Development of Supervisory Skills
  • Leadership in the Hospitality Industry: Hospitality Manager
  • Licensed Hotel Manager (only the online review training portion)

Students that are passionate about pursuing a career in the sector may certainly take advantage of these industry-specific courses for free. You have a 90-day window to finish all three courses, but you may only enroll one at a time.

Enroll Here

7. Food Safety Knowledge – Basic Level Requirements

Provided by: Alison

This free online hotel management course will teach you about proper personal hygiene and how to manage personal hygiene systems. Moreover, you will also learn about reporting diseases and the significance of water quality. Learn about water wells and plumbing systems, as well as laws and customer needs for water quality, ice, and steam.

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Additionally, you’ll learn about the different types of pests that can harm food safety. You will understand how to deal with these pests as well as how to keep any contamination safe.

Enroll Here

8. English for Tourism – Hotel Reception and Front Desk

Provided by: Alison

This free online course in hotel management will teach you how to communicate effectively in English at the hotel reception. Additionally, the training will teach you how to do the front desk job, which includes everything from fielding questions to booking reservations. Apart from that, you’ll learn how to manage check-in and check-out procedures, as well as how to resolve customer complaints.

Enroll here for the free course.

9. Demand Management: Breaking Down Today’s Commercial Silos

Provided By: Coursera

The biggest and most important problem in the hospitality industry is how to keep sales, revenue, distribution, and finance from having a negative effect on businesses. Certainly, this has a direct effect on how businesses grow.

Hence, this free online course in hotel management will show you how to make more money and how to run all of the hospitality departments. More so, you will learn about each department one by one as well as their operations.

Meanwhile, this free online hospitality training class has four modules. They include Asset Management, Digital Marketing, Demand Generation, and Demand Optimization. Certainly, the best people in this business created all these courses. And they give you the chance to learn from the best teachers at the best institutions.

Enroll Here

10. Hotel Management Course By Brentwood

Provided ByBrentwood Open Learning College

The hotel business obviously produces millions of jobs every year and is one of the world’s richest. Hence, you need special abilities to work in this developing field.

Unlike other online education providers, Brentwood provides the finest free online courses in hotel management. Also, this course has no time limits, no deadlines, and is available 365 days a year.

In this course, you will learn the following:

  • Hotel Management Overview
  • Front Office Operations Overview
  • Housekeeping Basics

Enroll in the course here.

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Skills Required for Free Online Courses in Hotel Management

Following completing hotel management courses, students who want to work in the hotel industry must possess a set of competencies. Let’s examine them.

a) Perception skills

Customers’ demands and preferences should be clear to students without their explicit disclosure. Most clients may not even express their wants, which benefits the hotel. The hotel owner must understand the customer’s demands and meet them.

The owner must notice small changes in the customer’s behavior. This will reduce consumer complaints.

b) Sensitivity

It’s not easy to succeed in the hotel sector. As a result, problems might arise out of nowhere, catching the hotelier off guard. However, unwanted difficulties and circumstances can only be avoided by being aware of the situation and anticipating problems. Also, situational awareness helps prevent customer service issues. Hence, internships will provide on-the-job training throughout the free online courses in hotel management.

c) Teamwork

Only collaboration can operate a hotel or resort. There are several teams that run a hotel. All teams should be able to collaborate and support one another. Each team must know their tasks so that they do not interfere with each other’s work.

d) Multitasking Skills

All hotel employees must be able to step in if necessary. Hotel managers must be able to multitask since issues will not arrive one by one but in groups.

e) Cooking Skills

Cooking is the most crucial hotel skill. Hotel management schools spend a lot of time teaching food skills. Students learn various culinary techniques and cuisines. Cooking classes equip students with both theoretical and practical expertise.

f) Communication

The manager’s and staff’s communication abilities are vital in the hotel sector. That is politeness, a desire to assist the client, and a desire to deliver excellent service always stand out. So, always welcome the consumer with a smile.

Job Opportunities Following Free Online Courses in Hotel Management

As a hotel manager, you will supervise daily operations and assign duties to subordinates. More so, you will be responsible for regular property analysis, upgrading hotel facilities, locating close competitors, understanding consumer needs, and more. A hotel management student may need to know the hotel’s profit centers, sales points, etc.

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Below is a list of jobs and career options after completing online hotel management courses.

  • General Manager
  • Residential Manager
  • Tourism Officer
  • Executive Housekeeper
  • Front Office Manager
  • Convention Service Manager
  • Catering Manager
  • Chef
  • Conference Center Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Tour Manager

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Benefits of taking Free Online Courses in Hotel Management

Consider the following five benefits of taking free online courses in hotel management:

1. Job Satisfaction

A hotel management degree provides employment satisfaction and a career trajectory that is exponential. Also, hard work and honesty are always appreciated by hotel management and other employees.

2. Reputation

Certainly, hotel managers are well-liked in society. Thus, they are warmly welcomed everywhere. A degree in hotel management ensures respectable employment and benefits the community.

3. Possibilities for a Job

Depending on your interests, you may become a hotel or restaurant manager. More so, you may also work as a general manager, chef, or catering manager. As you gain experience, you will certainly be given greater work options.

4. Finances

After the global pandemic, the hotel and hospitality sectors will obviously never go out of style. The world needs outstanding hotel workers, and the money is greater. Hence, their relevance stands.

5. Travel Options:

A hotel management certificate is necessary if you love to travel. Undoubtedly, the opportunity to travel and work overseas is tremendous in hotel management. Hence, if you’re lucky, your family can travel for free.


Taking any of the above-mentioned free online courses in hotel management is an excellent way to brush up on your skills during a pandemic. There is no longer a need to go or pay a lot of money for a course since everything can be accessed for free from the comfort of your own home.

I have a word of advice for individuals who are unsure about which course to choose. Discover what talents are in demand in the current market by taking a look at some of the hotel management positions.

That being said, enrolling in a course today will help you get ahead of the competition and ensure that you’re always one step ahead of the pack when it comes to job advancement.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions on Free Online Courses in Hotel Management with Certificates

Why is Hotel Management Important?

Because hotel managers have so many duties, hotel management is critical. Planning, promoting, organizing, and implementing hotel services such as food and accommodation are all responsibilities of hotel managers.

Why Hotel Management as a Career?

No one would be surprised if hotel management could accommodate your every whim. An entry-level position in the hospitality business offers an adequate source of income to meet one’s basic needs while also giving room for future advancement.

Is there any short course for hotel management?

Yes, you may enroll in an online hotel management course if you wish to take a short-term course in hotel management. An online hotel management course might last anywhere from five to six weeks.

Is hotel management a good degree?

We’re sure of it! Hotel management degrees can be used in many different fields, like event planning, property development, and more, which makes the hospitality business exciting and interesting.

What are possible job positions a candidate is offered after completing Hotel Management?

Some of the job positions a candidate is offered after completing Hotel Management are Front Office Manager, Housekeeping Supervisor, Steward, Receptionist, Bartender, Sous-Chef, etc.

What are the various branches of Hotel Management?

There are many different specializations in the field of Hotel Management, such as Culinary Arts, Catering Technology, Tourism Management, Hospitality, Housekeeping, Food and Beverage Services, and so on.


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