Top Ten Free Online Courses in Childhood Education With Certificates in 2022

Free online courses in childhood education will teach you about this educational program designed for hearing children of preschool age. 

Childhood education is a branch of education theory, which concerns teaching children from birth to age. You will learn how you can help create social, emotional, cognitive, and physical child development. 

To this end, we’ve carefully sourced the top free online courses in childhood education with certificates. This guide will be helpful for you in deciding on the best free online courses in childhood education to choose, as well as the type that fits your career. 

Also, we’ve brought you answers to some questions that might be on your mind while you consider enrolling for any of these free online courses in childhood education with certificates.

Top Ten Free Online Courses in Childhood Education With Certificates

What Do Online Courses In Childhood Education Cover?

Free online courses in childhood education training courses are designed to give students an overview of the theories of development, as well as factors that promote human growth. 

Materials, as a rule, allow students to work at their own pace, although the academic loan is not awarded after completion. Students who would like an online course that they can contact an associate or bachelor may want to consider other options. 

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Is It Worth It to Take Free Online Courses in Childhood Education?

Yes, the course will expand the understanding of the participants in the field of early childhood education and encourage views about the first years as a fundamental stage in human life. 

Participants will be able to formulate and promote its vision and practice as professionals working with young children, by exchanging other professionals and participants, are engaged in self-reflection and applying their knowledge and skills in practice. 

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Who are Online Courses in Childhood Education For?

This course will be useful for those who are at the beginning of their career in the field of early education in childhood that have no or non-formal training, or those who need to update and support their practice with more knowledge about the latest trends in early childhood education. 

Getting a certificate in early childhood education is an important step for many people interested in a career with children. Some options for a career that values this certificate include a child’s assistant, a teacher’s assistant, a social worker specializing in children, a family day provider, a private nanny, or even a former specialist. 

What Can I Do With Online Childhood Education Certificate?

Many professions that work with children may require this certificate that can help you allocate potential candidates for a new or higher position in the crowd. With the help of a certificate in early children’s education, new career options may be available. Worldwide Schools offer these certificate programs. 

There are also online programs that are ideally suited for students who need more flexibility. To find out more, search your application below and contact the school’s entrance office of your choice by filling out the lead. 

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Top Ten Free Online Courses in Childhood Education With Certificates

1. English in Early Childhood: Language Learning and Development

  • Platform: Futurelearn
  • Institution: British Council Educators
  • Level: Mixed
  • Time: 6 Weeks
  • Language: English

In this Online Course, you will learn how and why children learn better through the game. What can parents do and practitioners so that children can get the most out of the learning experience? 

This course for parents and practitioners will learn how young children study English and explore many other aspects of learning and early childhood development. 

British council teachers will share their ideas and experience so you can learn best to talk with young children; How to create the best environment for studying English as an additional language and how to control their progress. 

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Because of articles, videos, and live events, you will hear from early childhood experts and parents, and see for yourself as young children study within the early years of class. At each stage, they will offer you tips, tips, and downloadable resources that will help you teach English to children. 


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2. Protecting Children in Humanitarian Settings

  • Platform: EDX
  • Institution: Columbia University
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Time: 12 Weeks
  • Language: English

This course studies how children’s social environments at different levels, such as family, community, and social levels, affect the troubles of children, development, and stability. The participants of the course will take a critical opinion about the current practice of international practice to children and their strengthening. 

The course will invite participants to determine the possibilities of using science and practice education to enrich current approaches to protecting children in humanitarian settings. They aim this course at protecting the protection of children working internationally in humanitarian settings, as well as those who want to learn more or start working in the sector. 

The course is not intended to provide comprehensive administration to programming to a child in humanitarian settings. Instead, it focuses on special areas that are matured for enrichment. 


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3. Early Childhood Development: Global Strategies for Implementation

  • Platform: EDX
  • Institution: Harvard University
  • Level: Beginner
  • Time: 5-12 Weeks
  • Language: English

Harvard University and UNICEF bring global community experience to politicians, evidence and experts from around the world. This course is studying the best practices in childhood and family politics, advocacy, financing, and ways to show you how to create an innovative, scalable intervention strategy that supports early childhood development. 

The course begins with a review of the basic concepts of early childhood development and successful implementation programs around the world. We learn why some programs succeed where others do less, and what strategies are key to ensuring broad adaptation of high-quality programming. 

For those who work around the world in early childhood development programs, this course allows you to reflect and evaluate your own organization, reviewing the successes of the real world, as well as a new global prospect for other students. You will complete a course with new plans and ideas ready for implementation in your program. 


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4. The Best Start in Life: Early Childhood Development for Sustainable Development

  • Platform: EDX
  • Institution: SDGAcademy
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Time: 5-12 Weeks
  • Language: English
  • Video Transcripts: اللغة العربية, বাংলা, English, Español, हिन्दी, Português, Русский

This course is designed for graduate and advanced students in international development, teaching, nursing and medicine, and other fields interested in the key concepts and practices of early childhood teachers, health professionals, and other practitioners interested in social and biological factors affecting children they support.

It is also for sustainable development practitioners who want to understand the life cycle of needs and support needed to help children around the world, including those who work for international assistance organizations and non-profits in poverty, nutrition, and education.


5. Child Protection: Children’s Rights in Theory and Practice

  • Platform: EDX
  • Institution: Harvard
  • Level: Beginner
  • Time: 5-12 Weeks
  • Language: English

This course will teach you the causes and effects of failures to protect children. You will consider strategies, international laws, standards, and resources needed to protect all children. Throughout the world, children are at risk of violence, abuse, operation, and neglect. 

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Conflict and natural disasters forced millions to escape their homes and resist the danger of migration and moving. You will be able to associate the legal framework and approaches to the rule of politicians, lawyers, health workers, educators, law enforcement agencies, and social workers. 

Students will come to understand how they can provide children protection and apply children to protect children in their own work. Join the Harvard Faculty, Practitioners, and Global Students Communities to master the child-centered systematic approach to preventing and responding to violence, exploitation, and abuse of children. 


6. Autism and Neurodiversity: Building Your Child’s Strengths

  • Platform: EDX
  • Institution: Curtin University
  • Level: Beginner
  • Time: 5-12 Weeks
  • Language: English

This course was created to help the family members and guardians of young children who may reflect early signs of autism. Much of the information provided – in particular, to the development of strengths, approaches to advocacy, school, and well-being. 

The course aims to provide students with knowledge and skills to recognize behavior, understand the diagnosis process, create a plan to help move in the early stages of childhood development, and how successfully speak to their child. 

We cover from birth to six years, including planning and preparation for school. Curtin University developed this course.


7. Education Specialist: Early Childhood Education

  • Platform: UWA Online
  • Institution: University of West Alabama Online
  • Level: Mixed
  • Time: 1 Year
  • Language: English

With this course, you have the opportunity to progress through a program that is combined with the basis of knowledge of subjects, including the theory of early childhood, research, curriculum, and pedagogy. 

On the student track, you will take yourself to the topics that include manual, language art, instruction, mathematics, science, and research as you receive a toolkit to best serve students in the early stages of their academic careers. 

Because of the program, you will be ready to enter an early childhood leader and lawyer, and other advanced positions. In these leadership positions, you will be great to serve students in various rural populations.  

In addition, you will receive the formation of a post-shop level and a professional class certificate after the end of the degree.


8. Certificate of Higher Education in Early Childhood

  • Platform: Open University
  • Institution: Open University
  • Level: Mixed
  • Time: 5-12 Weeks
  • Language: English

This certificate applies to anyone who is interested in studying and developing young children, including practitioners working for early purposes, or those who wish for a career working with children from birth to seven years. With this certificate, you develop your understanding of politics and practices in early childhood. 

It will prepare you for further study as a basement for a career working with young children and their families in all sectors. The level and depth of your training gradually increase when you work through qualifications. 

You will be maintained in a unique teaching style and evaluation, which includes a personal tutor to guide and comment on your work; the highest quality course of texts; Electronic resources such as podcasts, interactive media, online materials Textbooks, and community forums. 


9. Early Childhood Credential

  • Platform: cceionline
  • Institution: Child Care Education Institute
  • Level: Beginner
  • Time: 180 Hours
  • Language: English

The Child Care Education offers this certificate program Institute (CCEI). It is an essential introduction to early childhood education. 

You will complete over 180 hours of professional development. They divide these studies into eight modules, which include:

This certification is got by completing various tasks. There are readings, courses, essays, and class observations. 

The National Association recognizes this certification for the Education of Young Children. It fulfills part of the requirements for an alternate path to becoming a specific program manager.

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10. Parental Separation – Implications for the School

  • Platform: Alison
  • Institution: Single Instructor
  • Level: Beginner
  • Time: 180 Hours
  • Language: English

This free online parenting course will teach you about the consequences of parental separation for your child’s school staff, as well as clarify the role and responsibilities of a child’s school after separation from parents. 

It will teach you about parental separation, parental rights, custody, and court disputes, child custody, communication at school, school fees according to parental status, and more. 

This online course begins with a discussion of custody issues. You will learn that guardianship is a legal relationship between a father and his child.  

In this course, you ‌learn that it is the guardian’s responsibility to care for the child and to decide about his or her education, health, religious upbringing, and general well-being. You will also learn that your child needs a garden under 18 years old.



Child Development usually observes five specific areas: engine and physical, cognitive, social and emotional, communication, and adaptive abilities. In assessing the development of a child, the child’s behavior is controlled with the help of several stages of children’s development – from the development of a child to adolescents. 

They track specific stages of development at various stages, with close attention to the children’s stages. Academic work in the development of a child also seeks to determine the consequences of childcare, features of education, and early management of a child’s general development. The research in these areas is the basis of many theories of child development. 

There are specific credentials that can be earned for work in the development of child development. For example, adherence to a child-associated authority or CDA is a widely recognized power in early children’s education (ECE). CDA Certification can help advance a career in ECE. There are currently a lot of opportunities to earn CDA online. 

The skills needed to work in child development include critical thinking, research, analysis, and communication. Also, since most of this work needs direct interaction with children, many employers are looking for a high level of emotional intelligence and a warm location. Besides academic and clinical positions, this work can also prepare students for connected roles in the private sector. 

Free Online Courses in Childhood Education FAQs

Can I Get Courses in Childhood Education Online?

Not all online early childhood certification courses are equally available. Of course, they are all online. But some offer features that improve your ability to easily access course materials. Some courses have offline resources. This may include downloadable texts. Some courses are available in mobile apps, making it easier to learn while on the go.

Are Free Online Courses in Childhood Education Accredited?

Some ‌courses on our list are from colleges or universities. One of the six regional accreditation organizations in the United States regionally accredited ‌these schools. We consider regional accreditation as the most elite. These accreditations support member schools according to a set of criteria to be accredited. This ensures that students in any of the member schools receive the same quality of education.

How Do I Choose The Best Free Online Courses in Childhood Education?

Part of choosing a certification course is your budget. But you also have to consider your goals. Do you want to be a licensed teacher? Do you want to be a teacher’s assistant? Would you like to raise young children? The answers to these questions will help you decide which certification is best.
In addition, there are other factors to consider. This includes course availability. Is it completely online? Are there any requirements for field experience? Are there textbooks or other printed materials that allow you to learn when there is no Internet?


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