Lehigh Acceptance Rate and How to Get in Easily

If you’re looking for a perfect engineering university to excel in a highly technical field, Lehigh is a perfect option. Here’s everything to know about Lehigh acceptance rate and how to get in easily. 

With its reputation as one of the best engineering universities in the U.S, Lehigh attracts students nationwide. The school’s well-rounded education prepares students to develop the social skills necessary to thrive upon graduation and get a job, as well as to flourish in their field. In the U.S, Lehigh has one of the best Greek systems, so if you want to contribute to your community in a meaningful way, you will be at home on Lehigh’s campus

There are also a number of excellent entrepreneurship opportunities available. However, the school is not only meant for people who want to become engineers. At Lehigh, you will be able to live outside of the classroom and excel in a classroom setting as well. 

There’s time for other activities outside the classroom too, as Lehigh has clubs and research facilities for students to get involved in extracurricular and research activities too. There are still lots and lots of other opportunities on campus a Lehigh student can maximize. 

Lehigh Acceptance Rate and How to Get in Easily

About Lehigh University

Lehigh University (LU) is a private research university established in 1865 by businessman Asa Packer. The school is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in the Lehigh Valley region of the state. 

Since the 1971–72 academic year, Lehigh University’s undergraduate programs have been coeducational. In 2019, the university had 1,802 graduate students and 5,047 undergraduate students.

There are five colleges in Lehigh: the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science, the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Business, the College of Education, and the College of Health. The largest college is the College of Arts and Sciences, with 35% of the university’s students enrolled.

The university also offers Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Business Administration, Master of Engineering, Master of Education, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. It is an “R2: Doctoral Universities – High research activity.

The alumni and faculty of Lehigh include Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, Fulbright Fellows, Pulitzer Prize winners, members of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences and of the National Academy of Sciences, National Medal of Science winners, and a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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The university campus is located in the Lehigh Valley, 70-miles (110 km) from Philadelphia, and 85-miles (137 km) from New York City. 

Lehigh covers 2,350 acres, including 180 acres of recreational and playing fields and 150 buildings having four million square feet of floor space. There are three contiguous campuses in which it is organized on and around South Mountain. Lehigh’s original and predominant campus is the Asa Packer Campus, built into the northern slope of the mountain, the Mountaintop Campus, atop South Mountain, has an intramural sports field and an Iacocca Hall; while the Murray H. Goodman Campus is located south. A 16,000-seat stadium and other sports facilities are located there.

In May 2012, Lehigh received a gift of 755 acres of property in nearby Upper Saucon Township from the Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation. Being the estate of the long-time benefactor, the university was able to expand its footprint to  2,350 acres across all its campuses and consider long-term potential uses. 


In 2019, Lehigh had 540 full-time faculty members. 95% had a doctorate degree or the other highest degree in their field. Faculty members give a minimum of four office hours per week.

Lehigh’s student-to-faculty ratio is 9:1, and the average class size is 28 students. Undergraduate enrollment is offered in all colleges but the College of Education. As a student, you can take courses or major/minor in a subject outside the university. The university uses a semester system.

P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science

The escalator was invented by graduates of Lehigh’s engineering programs. They also founded Packard Motor Car Company and the companies built the locks and lock gates of the Panama Canal. Other top alumni include Roger Penske, Lee Iacocca, John W. Fisher, and Terry Hart. The engineering honor society, Tau Beta Pi, was founded at Lehigh. George Tamaro graduated with a master’s degree in civil engineering. In 2006, he became the recipient of the John Fritz Medal awarded by the American Association of Engineering Societies.

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College of Business

In 2012, Lehigh’s College of Business was ranked 31st in the U.S undergraduate business programs. The finance program is quite strong, and BusinessWeek ranks it the seventh overall undergraduate finance program in the U.S. The accounting program is ranked the 21st best undergraduate program in the nation by BusinessWeek and is also considered strong. In 2018 rankings, US News & World Report ranked Lehigh’s part-time MBA 20th in the U.S. Lehigh was named the 24th best undergraduate college for entrepreneurship in 2012 by the entrepreneur Magazine and The Princeton Review.

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College of Arts and Sciences

Based in Maginnes Hall, a variety of humanities courses and visual arts programs, and many music programs are offered at Lehigh. This includes a marching band, the Wind Ensemble, and the Philharmonic orchestra. In addition to the sciences, English and Journalism are very strong and have a long history that dates back to Richard Harding Davis’s days. There is a dedicated Humanities center, used as a site for many kinds of literature and other arts-based programs, including the Drown Writers Series.

Lehigh also has a program called ArtsLehigh, designed to enhance interest in the campus arts.

College of Education

In 2018, Lehigh College of Education awarded master’s, education specialist, PA Department of Education teaching certificates and certifications, doctoral degrees, and professional certificates to more than 7,000 students.

College of Health

Lehigh’s College of Health offers epidemiology, biostatistics, and population health data science courses. It was officially opened on August 21, 2020, and is the first college in the world to offer undergraduate, graduate, and executive degrees in population health. It will be based at the Health, Science, and Technology (HST) building.

Honorary degrees

In 1987, Bill Cosby was awarded an honorary degree when he delivered the university’s commencement address.  In October 2015, the decree was revoked by Lehigh following the allegations of sexual assault by more than 40 women. 

After Donald Trump delivered the university’s commencement address, he was awarded an honorary degree in 1988. However, in January 2021, Lehigh revoked the degree following the storming of the United States Capitol.

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Lehigh is a member of the Patriot League and competes in 25 different NCAA Division I sports. Their 2006 student-athlete graduation rate of 97% ranked 12th among all 326 NCAA Division I institutions. In 2002, it had the U.S’s top graduation rate of all Division I institutions and won the inaugural USA Today/NCAA Foundation Award.

Lehigh graduates continue in their respective professional careers in the National Football League, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, and the National Basketball Association as players, scouts, coaches, and owners. Graduates from Lehigh have also competed in the Super Bowl and won gold medals for the US at the Olympics. Though auto racing is not a school sport, a number of graduates such as Roger Penske, Al Holbert, and John Fitch have had successful careers in auto racing.


On 2012, March 16, Lehigh’s had their most notable fifth trip to the NCAA tournament, thanks to its first-round game as a #15 seed in 2012, against the #2 seed Duke Blue Devils. Despite being a heavy underdog, CJ McCollum’s 30-point heroics helped them pull off a stunning upset, defeating the Blue Devils 75-70. Their win made it the sixth time that a 15th seed had defeated a second seed.

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How to get into Lehigh University Easily

Admission Requirements

When it comes to Lehigh’s admission requirements, you should consider a lot of things that shouldn’t be missed in your college application. The important requirement is:

  • GPA requirements
  • SAT and ACT requirements, and/or testing requirements
  • Application requirements

Keep reading to know the admission requirements based on the Lehigh university acceptance rate. 

Lehigh’s acceptance rate tells you how competitive the school is and the requirements you must meet to get accepted

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Lehigh Acceptance Rate

Lehigh acceptance rate is 32.1%. That means out of every 100 applicants, 32 students are admitted.

The school admission process is very selective. Yet, you must meet the requirements for GPA and SAT/ACT scores so as to stand a better chance of getting into Lehigh. Anything less than the minimum GPA and SAT/ACT scores will slim down your chance of getting an admission letter.

Lehigh GPA Requirements

Despite the fact that there are minimum GPA requirements specified by many schools, GPA requirements are just the minimum scores you’re expected to submit along with your application so as not to get rejected immediately. 

The GPA requirement that really matters is the GPA you need to stand a real chance of getting in. 


Lehigh’s average GPA is 3.85.

If you get a GPA of 3.85, you are expected to be top of your high school class and your transcript should have a combination of A’s and B’s, and a few C’s. If you have a lower GPA, you can use courses like AP or IB classes which are quite hard to make up and help boost your weighted GPA and show you can take college classes.

However, your GPA will be hard to change in time for college applications if you’re currently junior or senior. 3.85 GPA or below will require a higher SAT or ACT score to compensate. A higher SAT or ACT score will help you compete against other applicants who have higher GPAs.

SAT and ACT Requirements

Different schools implement different requirements for standardizing tests. The majority of the schools require the SAT or ACT, while others also require SAT subject tests. 

Before you submit an application to Lehigh university, it’s either you take the SAT or ACT  test. You must perform well in the test to have a strong application.

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Lehigh SAT Requirements

Despite the fact that most schools don’t have an official cutoff SAT score, there is actually a hidden SAT requirement based on the school’s average score.

The average SAT score composite is 1365 on the 1600 SAT scale.

Lehigh university’s New SAT 25th percentile score is 1300, and the New SAT 75th percentile score is 1430. Getting a 1300 New SAT score puts you below average, while 1430 will put you above average.

Below is a breakdown of Lehigh’s new SAT scores by section:

SectionAverage25th Percentile75th Percentile
Reading + Writing655620690

SAT Score Choice Policy

Lehigh Acceptance Rate

A very important part of Lehigh’s testing strategy is the score choice policy of the “Highest Section”. Lehigh University has an “All Scores” Score Choice policy which means that you can choose the SAT scores to send to the James Madison university admission office.

More commonly, your highest score on a single test date will be taken by the school. Even better, some schools form a Superscore -by taking your highest section score across all your test dates and combining them

We recommend taking at least 4 tests and not more than 6 tests. Lehigh knows that you want to have the best chance of admission, and retaking the test to get a higher score is a way to do this. As far as you take a reasonable number of tests, they just focus on your score and will not care how many times you’ve taken it.

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Do not take the test more than 6 times, as the admission committee will wonder why you’re not improving with each test. This will also cause them to question your study skills and ability to improve.

Lehigh Requirements

Just like for the SAT, based on Lehigh’s acceptance rate, there’s no known hard ACT cutoff mark. However, if your score is low, you won’t stand a chance of being admitted into Lehigh.

Lehigh’s average ACT score is 32. The ACT score 25th percentile is 29, while the ACT score 75th percentile is 33.

Lehigh has no minimum ACT requirement, but if your ACT score is 29 or below, you won’t stand a chance of getting admitted, unless your application is very unique.

Therefore, if your ACT score is currently less than 29, you should prepare for the ACT test and retake it so as to stand a higher chance of getting in if you are able to raise your score. 

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Lehigh Acceptance rate and How to get in Easily

SAT/ACT Writing Section Requirements

There’s also an optional essay section for the SAT and ACT.

Lehigh university expects that you take the SAT Essay/ACT Writing section. If you do well, they’ll consider your application to be stronger. 

SAT Subject Test Requirements

SAT subject test requirements are different in many schools. Some selective schools will need them, while others won’t.

There’s no information if Lehigh requires SAT subject tests, but we believe that the school does not. Yet, you should double-check 6 months before applying to make sure you have enough time to take the test.

Because of how highly selective Indiana University is, it is very necessary to have a strong academic performance so as to increase your chance of getting admission. If you score a 1365 SAT or a 32 ACT or above, then you can be sure of admission. Lehigh admits 32% of all applicants.

Get a high SAT/ACT score, meet the rest of the application requirements, and your GPA should be close to the school average of 3.85. Depending on your score merits, you also need impressive letters of recommendation and amazing extracurriculars to get in. 

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Lehigh is a private research university with a reputation as one of the best engineering universities in the U.S. The school’s well-rounded education and entrepreneurship opportunities prepare students to develop the social skills necessary to thrive upon graduation and succeed in their respective fields. 

Lehigh acceptance rate is 32.1%. Out of every 100 applicants, 32 are offered admission. To get into Lehigh university, you must also have an average GPA of 3.85. 

FAQs on Lehigh Acceptance rate and How to get in Easily

1. What GPA do you need for Lehigh?

To get into Lehigh, you need a GPA of 3.85. With this GPA, you should be near the top or above the average of your class. Your transcript should be mostly A’s.  Several AP or IB classes should also be available to show that you can handle college-level academics. 

2. Is Lehigh hard to get into?

Lehigh’s admission process is extremely competitive as the school has an acceptance rate of 32.1%. For the class of 2025, there was a 14% increase in applications and only 6,381 applicants were accepted from a pool of 14,106 candidates.

3. What is the acceptance rate for Lehigh University 2025?

The acceptance rate for the Lehigh University class of 2025 is 45%. Because of how highly selective Indiana University is, it is very necessary to have a strong academic performance so as to increase your chance of getting admission. If you score a 1365 SAT or a 32 ACT or above, then you can be sure of admission

4. What majors are offered at Lehigh University?

The important majors at Lehigh University include Finance, General; Mechanical Engineering; Industrial Engineering; Marketing/Marketing Management, General; Accounting; Business/Managerial Economics; Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering; Psychology, General; Information Technology; and Biology/Biological.

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