14 Best Countries to Study for American Students

Studying in America is a dream for many young people across the globe. But if you are an American, your biggest desire is probably to study somewhere else. It is understandable. Studying in a different country is a great opportunity to be independent and to immerse yourself in a new culture.

If you live in the same city where you are going to study, it spoils all the fun. You are familiar with everyone and everything. It does not sound like a good venture. And you are determined to leave your comfort zone and test your survival abilities.

When you end up as a student in a foreign country, almost everything will be new for you. Some things remain the same, though. If you go to an English-speaking country, you can still use the college essay helper at EssayPro for the best result. You will have lots of things to arrange before you settle down, so it is a great time-saving solution.

Reasons and Benefits

People can only achieve success if they have motivation. Here are the key factors why Americans want to become students abroad. They go to other countries to:

  • access high-quality teaching
  • achieve career goals
  • develop personal talents
  • experience a new culture and lifestyle
  • establish international connections, both personal and professional
  • learn a new language
  • enjoy an adventure

If this sounds interesting to you, look at the countries in this article. First figuratively, then physically.

European Countries

1. Germany

Depending on what part of Germany you prefer, check out one of the following state universities:

  • IU International University of Applied Sciences
  • University of Cologne
  • RWTH Aachen University

The good news is that many public universities have no or minor tuition fees. Isn’t that wunderbar? Time to study Deutsch if you feel like this fits you. In addition to this, German universities are shortlisted for awards in teaching and research on a regular basis.

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2. France

Who does not want to become an Emily in Paris? This TV series brilliantly depicts how American and French perspectives overlap. You can choose a state or a public university. In both cases, your tuition fee, together with the cost of accommodation, is likely to be much cheaper than in the US.

Another convincing argument in favor of France is its academic excellence. A lot of the world-famous scientists, artists, and philosophers got their degrees in Paris, Toulouse, Lyon, and other French cities.

3. Norway

The cost of living in this country is high. Besides, it is cold there. But this cloud has a silver lining that outweighs all the disadvantages. All public universities in Norway are free for international students. Next thing you know, you are buying woolen sweaters online. BTW, Finland, Sweden, and Iceland are also great nordic countries for education.

4. The Czech Republic

Does learning languages come naturally to you? Learn Czech and study for free in this Central European country. Enjoy the privilege of free education and the best beer brands. University years should be fun, huh?

5. Spain

Spanish is an easy language to learn. Perhaps it is one of the reasons why it is the third most popular destination for American students. The top-ranked global university in Spain is the University of Barcelona. Do you need more reasons for choosing Spain? They are paella, jamon and churros.

6. Luxembourg

If you love challenges, this is the right country for you. It is one of the wealthiest countries in Europe. So it is expensive to live in – fair enough. Surprisingly, it has cheap higher education. 400 EUR is the annual cost of a master’s degree. Are you kidding me? No. The cost is low; the competition is high. Challenge accepted?

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English-speaking Countries

If learning foreign languages is not your strong point, it does not mean you are stuck in the US. It is quite natural that you would like to enjoy the benefits of English-language essay writing apps and platforms. You trust them because your previous experience was positive. Then check out one of the English-speaking countries.

1. The UK

If English is your cup of tea, the UK is an excellent option. You are likely to start using the expression ‘It is my cup of tea’ in its direct meaning, though. The UK has a rich history of higher education. British universities are the oldest and the most innovative at the same time. It is an amazing combination of an ancient vibe and cutting-edge technologies.

Best Countries to Study for American Students

2. Canada

This country has internationally recognized education standards and also:

  • high quality of life
  • varied landscapes (from sandy beaches to snowy mountains)
  • great safety statistics
  • student cities (from Vancouver to Toronto)
  • a developed healthcare system

It is also relatively close to the US, so you can visit your family and friends whenever you feel homesick.

3. Australia

This country is diverse and multicultural. It is always easier to adapt to something new in a friendly, welcoming environment. So if you prefer golden beaches and bright sunshine to freezing cold weather, you should choose Australia in favor of Nordic countries. The top-ranked global university is the University of Melbourne.

Oriental Countries

If you are fascinated by the eastern culture, food, or art, you might fancy one of the universities in the countries below.

1. Japan

The government of Japan has shown interest in attracting foreign students to their universities. Generous scholarship schemes together with international support services are very encouraging. Here are some more reasons to choose Japanese higher education:

  • world’s highest educational standards
  • renowned programs in math and science
  • English-taught programs available
  • low tuition fees
  • moderate living costs
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The University of Tokyo is Japan’s top-ranked school. It was founded in 1877 and has many campuses.

2. China

China’s top-ranked school is Tsinghua University. It was established in 1911. It is a great option to consider if you do not mind:

  • learning Chinese
  • getting used to dry seasons and wet monsoons
  • eating with chopsticks 
Best Countries to Study for American Students

Are You a Home Bird or a Party Animal?

Some students really want to get their degree abroad for prestige or some other reason. But they are not willing to travel away from home. They may not be ready to:

  • pay extra costs for the accommodation
  • part with their family and friends
  • experience homesickness
  • learn a difficult language
  • go through a cultural shock

There is a solution for home birds. You can get an online degree in one of the foreign universities. With COVID-19, everyone got so used to the online format that many people might prefer this option.

Dear party animals, if you choose to go abroad to study, remember. You can move to Munich, London, or Tokyo for the first time only once. So make sure you appreciate it. When you wake up in the new city, enjoy the Weisswurst, the rainy morning, or your metro ride in the subway where you can get lost.

Make the Most Of It

Studying abroad is not only about attending lectures and seminars. Make new friends – they are likely to become your future business partners. Learn a foreign language. Even if your program is in English, remember the basic words like ‘hi’ or ‘thank you.’ This shows your respect. And never forget to enjoy your adventure!

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