10 Best Volunteering Opportunities In Minneapolis

If you are an active Volunteer and you are seeking Volunteering opportunities in Minneapolis, then you are in the right place. In this article, you will be learning about the different Volunteer opportunities that are in Minneapolis, and what their mission, vision, and core values are.

Also, you will be looking at the (10) best volunteer opportunities you can sign up for in Minneapolis today. You will be sure to find your best bet yet!

Before we get to look into the volunteering opportunities which can be found in Minneapolis. Let’s start by explaining what volunteering is all about. 

Now, let’s dive in.

10 Best Volunteering Opportunities In Minneapolis

What is Volunteering?

Volunteering can be described as an unpaid action. It is working closely with someone or a group of people who give out their time and energy to help a non-profit organization. Perhaps an individual who they are not related or share any types of bonds with.

It helps impact the community in one way or another and when it’s unpaid. It usually has a gluing effect on the community. Volunteering also allows you to connect with people and connect with the community as well. Which makes your mission, which is to better the community easier.

These volunteering opportunities and organization platforms go a long way not only in helping society but also in the government.

Usually, the provision of social amenities and welfare services is in the hands of governmental bodies. But sadly many of these officials (governmental officials) no longer perform their duties.

When they do not do so, society becomes a worse state than it was before. This is why volunteering services contribute greatly to the growth and development of society.

They do not wait for the government to provide them with funds before they can go out and help.

Most of these voluntary organizations and platforms get their funds from donations ranging from time, and individuals who want to. 

Now, we shall be looking at the main subject matter; 

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10 Volunteering Opportunities In The Minneapolis


People serving people is known as one of the largest and most recommendable urgent shelter emergencies for families who are homeless or do not have a house in Minnesota. This agency is dedicated to making sure that families who do not have a home are taken care of. It works with the mission of preventing homelessness.

It has a unique hotel-style emergency shelter that is used for housing homeless children and families. This housing includes a bathroom and the basic furniture which makes up a household.

The People Serving People INC charities have really contributed to ensuring that the issue of homelessness is taken off the streets. Providing emergency housing shelters which will give them the covering for protection and keep them safe from unhealthy weather.

Check out their website here:

2. The Pet Project Rescue

This is another volunteer opportunity on our list. The pet project rescue began by responding to the problems and needs of Street animals in Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

There are lots of animals that do not live in healthy conditions and have to fight for food each day to stay alive in the streets.

So, the pet project rescue is there to take care of these adorable dogs or cats on the streets. Which they find impossible to overlook. 

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So if you are a dog lover or an animal lover or a pet lover, you can work with this platform. They take them in and provide them with things that will help alleviate their situation.

Check out their website here

3. Volunteer Lawyers Network

This is the third one on our list. The Volunteer lawyers network is a volunteer-based non-profit organization. It helps to provide free and civil legal services to persons who do not have the financial capacity to file a matter or a suit.

This includes;

  • Full representation
  • giving out free legal advice both in person and by telephone.
  • Providing brief services.
  • Outreaches.

They help in matters that involve legal issues such as ensuring that the houses of their clients are safe and they are living well. Getting wages during work hours, for the hours worked for, and helping to prevent the illegal consumption of food and drugs.

It really plays an important role in society and improves volunteering opportunities.  If you’re in need of legal service, you can call legal aid. You can approach them and they will surely help you out.

Check out their website here

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4. Catholic Charities Of Saint Paul and Minneapolis

This volunteering organization strengthens families and reduces poverty in its twin cities. They can usually achieve this through the numerous programs they carry out which are for children, families, adults, and those who are experiencing homelessness and old people.

The Catholic Charities of Saint Paul have helped over 40,000 people every year and they do not look at your faith or belief.

They work with many volunteers to make sure that those in need are taken care of. This organization has contributed to providing good homes for people who are homeless. It has gone a long way in ridding society of people who can’t provide food for themselves.

Check out their website here

5. The National MS Society

National MS Society is made up of really passionate individuals who want to give back to society. They move together to ensure that the world is free of multiple sclerosis. The youth organization helps stop multiple sclerosis from moving.

According to them, their mission is that they exist to ensure that multiple sclerosis doesn’t transfer or keep moving from person to person.

This organization helps individuals to address the difficulties experienced while living with multiple sclerosis. They carry out these services in about 50 states, networks, and chapters and they also help to provide funds for those who have multiple sclerosis. The National MS Society is one of the many volunteering opportunities one would want to look into.

Check out their website here

6. Foundation For Essential Needs

Foundation for essential needs is an entrepreneurial non-profit organization that is focused on making sure that the food shelves are efficient and effective.

This organization works with pro bono volunteers to offer free services for consultation and equipment improvement of food shelves that have issues or problems. This is to ensure that with the continuous rise and change in the community that local food shelves can easily adapt.

This organization has been carrying out these services since the Year 2015 and has positively impacted in various lives and helped local food shelves in various communities.

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Check out their website here

7. Peace House Community

The Peace House community is focused on having compassion for women and is also dedicated to those who are in need. It was launched in 1985 on October 17th by Rose Tillman, a sister of Saint Joseph of Carondelet.

This Organization is there for members of the community who are facing hard times and hardships regarding homelessness and who have been dislocated by society.

The founder’s sister Rose once ran a free store to help out women and those who are homeless in society.

Check out their website here

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8. Sharing And Caring Hands Inc

Sharing and caring hands help people who do not have homes to find better housing opportunities and provide a transitional housing shelter, with about a hundred apartments for homeless families and individuals.

They also have the teen Center and the children’s center and also provide an outdoor park and playground arena. This agency is run by volunteers with some staff who are paid.

They do not depend on the government or the United Nations for funding and they rely solely on the donations of time, food services, and provisions. They are a non-governmental organization.

Check out their website here

9. Simpson Housing Services INC

Simpson Housing Services is committed to giving close support to individuals, men, women, and families who are experiencing homeless issues.

They also offer advocacy services but they are more focused on providing housing services first, they believe that once people have houses then you then easily help them out with other issues that they may be experiencing.

This organization operates over 20 programs and they have divisions. These divisions deal with participants which will benefit from their services and they include shelter programs for adults who are single and without children.

Check out their website here

10. Community Emergency Service

This is an organization that offers multi-services and it is a non-profit organization. It has a number of food-based assistance platforms for those living in Minneapolis. Their many programs include;

  • Providing food shelves 
  • Home delivery 
  • Distribution of bonus Friday 
  • Meals on wheels and 
  • East African food distribution.

This volunteering organization can be found in one of the most densely populated areas in Minneapolis. 

Check out their website here

What Are The Benefits Of Volunteering Opportunities?

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to make new friends and increase your contacts.

It also helps you to strengthen existing relationships and gives you a platform where you and your friends can commit to one thing or activity while doing the job together

Opting for volunteering opportunities is a great way to meet new people especially if you’re living in a new area or you just recently moved.

Volunteering also helps to strengthen the ties that you have in your community and also widen your network and your contacts.

It helps to expose you to people who share the same interests as you.

Also, it makes you active in neighborhood relationships and it is a good way to have fun with your friends and new contacts.

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Other Benefits Of Volunteering

Volunteering helps to increase your social networking and relationship abilities. It gives you an edge in every social network that you find yourself in because it will help you to effectively communicate with other people around you.

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Volunteering will help you to get rid of your shyness and if you’re not naturally outgoing and you have a hard time meeting new people. Volunteering will help you to change that. 

It gives you the platform to practice and develop social skills, as you will be meeting people regularly. This simply means that while you are on the course you get a chance to talk to people and do more for your community.

It becomes easier for you to make new friends and new contacts.

It increases your interest and buys you enough time to connect with people.

Volunteering can become a hobby.

Volunteering opportunities help you to meet new people because it benefits you as well. As you’re doing a good deed it helps you to expand your network and also helps to boost your social skills. 

What Are The Ways To Start Volunteering?

All you have to do is ask yourself some questions like;

Why are you doing this? What would you gain from this?

Now ask yourself some basic questions which will help you to know what exactly to do when you go out for volunteering opportunities.

Have a particular or specific thing that you would like to do while you are on your volunteering operation.

The best way for you to start volunteering is to look for activities that will match your personal interests and skills so while doing it you’re loving it as well.


In the world today there are lots of families who are experiencing issues of homelessness a lot of people who are suffering and don’t have anybody to cater to them.

It also includes pets and animals as well. Volunteering opportunities help to remove most of the plaguing issues which we have in society today. Why stay back and fold your arms when you can also help out as a volunteer.

It’s not just all about giving back to society alone or helping out individuals who do not have homes or who do not have one to cover for them it also includes you expanding your network, getting to know new people, getting making new friends, and also you getting to see the world from a different aspect and makes you better.


How Do I Apply for Volunteering opportunities in Minneapolis?

You can visit the website of the organization that you would like to join. Or make inquiries about any Organization of your interest. You can also start your very own Volunteering Organization if you feel like it though

What Not to Do when Volunteering

1. Don’t leave after only a few minutes.
2. Don’t wear inappropriate or unnecessary clothing.
3. Don’t go in without a reason.
4. Don’t forget to take your seat.
5. Don’t be in a hurry.

What makes a Good Volunteer?

An exceptional volunteer will understand the value of trust and dependability and will make every effort to arrive on time.

What is expected of a Volunteer?

Volunteers contribute many hours of free labor and expect to be recognized for their efforts.

What skills can you bring to a Volunteer Job?

Here are some examples of skills that volunteers must possess:
1. Commitment.
2. Communication.
3. Compassion.
4. Leadership.
5. Excellent work ethic.
6. Teamwork.
7. Time management is essential.

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