Finland Student Visa 2023: Step by Step Procedure

This post discusses a step-by-step detailed procedure on how to apply for a Finland Student Visa 2023.

Hoping to study in one of the happiest countries in the world with adequate healthcare and educational system, Finland is on the radar! The most serene environment for studies with a high level of income, you just need to attest to this.
And guess what? You don’t have to be in Finland before making an application to study there. In the comfort of your home, you can apply for your student visa as well as opt for admission into one of their prestigious universities.

Here, is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for a Finland Student Visa this 2023.

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Finland Student Visa

Quick Information

Before I delve into the process of acquiring your student visa, it is necessary to note that you must obtain admission into a Finnish institution before applying for a student visa. Also, if you wish to study a course that is within 90 days (approximately 3 months), then you apply for the Finland Student Visa but if your choice of study is more than the stipulated days, you need a Student Residence Permit.

Finland Student Visa, as earlier stated, is temporary and short-term. Fit for students seeking to attend short-term language programs or invited to an entrance examination into a Finnish institution.

While Finland Student Residence Permit is fit for an international student who seeks to study and reside in Finland for more than the stipulated deadline for the student visa. Usually, Finland grants residence permits to students annually (per year) at a time (one after one).

The student residence permit covers a period of more than 3 months to a year so international students who gain admission into an institution to participate in a full-term degree program require this visa.
Students among the EU nationals, do not require a residence permit, but a right of residence in Finland at the expense of €54 euros.

Finland Student Visa or Student Residence Permit Eligibility Criteria

For a student visa or student residence permit, the following are submitted to the Finland Embassy or Consulate

  • You must present an admission letter from the intending Finnish university or educational institute or polytechnic depending on the student’s choice of study.
  • You must present an authorized passport issued within the last 10 years.
  • Your passport must still be useful beyond the period of application stated on the student visa or resident permit by a minimum of 3 months.
  • You must present an originally filled and endorsed application form.
  • You must present evidence of your financial capability to ensure you can financially sustain yourself throughout your study in Finland and importantly, cover your return fee. Currently, the minimum amount a student must have to be financially stable residing in Finland is EUR 560 (INR 43,316.17) in a month and about EUR 6720 (INR 519,794.02) in a year.
  • You must present your bank financial statement to ascertain that you minimally have EUR 6720 in your account. Be informed that students for degree courses must have funds covering a year at once while exchange students must have provisional funds for the remaining period of their stay in Finland. But if you have an external sponsorship, you must present proof of sponsorship, scholarship, or any beneficial funds in the form of a written statement to support your proof.
    You must present valid health and medical insurance that fends for your health throughout your academic year in Finland.
  • You must be physically and mentally healthy and not a carrier of any contagious disease.
  • You must not be previously convicted.
  • You must not be previously rejected by Finland.
  • You must be ready to depart Finland at your endorsed deadline.
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Be informed that the bank account of the parents of the applicants is not accepted, including joint accounts. The account must solely be that of the student.

The Documents Required for the Student Visa Application

The following general papers are applicable to all nationals who are not EU/EEA citizens:

  • Filled-out application
  • Acceptance certificate from a Finnish higher education facility
  • evidence that you are able to sustain yourself financially while you are a student. You must have at least 560 EUR per month (6,720 EUR annually) available.
  • a passport with a current photo
  • You will also want professional translations if the documents are not in Swedish, Finnish, or English.
  • Evidence that you have paid the processing cost of 350 EUR or 450 EUR (paper application) (electronic application)
  • Insurance for international students

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Step By Step Procedure to Applying for Finland Student Visa 2023

All applications are done at the Finland Embassy or Consulate for a Finland student visa or residence permit. Immediately after the reception of the admission letter and the confirmed adherence to the eligibility criteria, you can proceed to apply for the student visa. This must be done before your arrival in Finland. Below is the step-by-step procedures;

Step 1: Get the residence permit application form

The first step is to get the residence permit application form. Click here for downloads:
Application form

Step 2: Fill up the residence permit application form

Cautiously fill up the application form for the resident permit and submit it either manually at the Finland Embassy or Consulate or Online

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Step 3: Gather the required documents for the residence permit application

Before proceeding to the Finland Embassy or Consulate, you must do a thorough check for all the stipulated documents requested by Finland along with your application form if you are following the manual submission.

Step 4: Provide a photograph for your residence permit application

Alongside other documents, a current color photograph not more than 6 months old should be submitted. Ensure that the Embassy’s specifications for the photograph are adhered to.

Step 5: Check the residence permit application fee

Proceed to examine the fees and keep it ready for submission. It is observed that an electronic payment is cheaper than the payment made at the Embassy.

Step 6: Submit your residence permit application form

The submission of the Resident Permit must be done manually. The Permit application form, required documents, and photographs are all submitted to the Finland Embassy nearest to you. Ensure to be there early and at working hours. If payment or application is done online, verification of payment/ application must follow to carefully guarantee the application at the Finland Embassy or Consulate.

Also, adhere to presenting one original copy of documents and at least 2 photocopies.
Every application is processed in the presence of the applicant. So it is advisable to follow up on the procedure. Visit often to monitor the progress of an application at the Finland Embassy or Consulate.

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Step 7: Provide your biometric data

It is pertinent to present your biometric data at the Finland Embassy or Consulate. The representatives at the office are to obtain your fingerprints.

In this step, no applicants are exempted. It includes all applications at the Embassy and applications electronically submitted.

Step 8: Pay the required residence permit application fee

Proceed with payment at the point of submitting the application form. Confirm the Finland Embassy or Consulate’s recent processing fee for the residence permit and their suitable method of payment. You can send an email to for confirmation.

Required Fees for Finland Residence Permit for Students

  • Fees for Finland Residence Permit for Studies (for application on paper) – EUR 330
  • Fees for Finland Residence Permit for Studies (for electronic application) – EUR 300

For electronic submission, the processing fee is charged with other payments required. Due to the random change in the fees, confirmation of the amount must be carried out.

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Step 9: Collect your residence permit card

Subsequently, your Residence Permit or Student Visa is issued. An email is sent on many occasions and collection can be made in person or via delivery.

According to the Finland Embassy, the application fee is nonrefundable even if refused or rejected. The prominent base of rejection is providing unclear proof of funding. So it is advisable to contact the Finland Embassy or Consulate for more details of rejection and plead against the decision.

Don’t hesitate, happiness is a luxury not everyone can afford, but in Finland, it is given freely.

For more information, visit Finland Embassy or Consulate
Or email

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FAQs Finland Student Visa 2023

Is Finland student visa easy to get?

Some graduate programs don’t require the GRE. The direction of certain other PA programs is in that direction. Many programs take your application into account overall. That implies that you should consider all factors, not just one.

Better MCAT, GRE, or other standardized exam results. Your chances of being approved can go up as a result.

Can student visa work in Finland?

If the employment is associated with the course they are doing, international students in Finland with residence permits are permitted to work as many hours as they choose.

Can I get PR after study in Finland?

You could already be qualified for permanent residency in Finland once you have lived there continuously for at least four years following graduation. This typically occurs if you haven’t lived abroad for extended periods of time and have been working in the nation consistently.

How can I get PR in Finland?

After residing in Finland for four continuous years with an A permit, you are eligible to apply for a permanent residency permit. After residing in Finland for five continuous years with an A permit, you are eligible to apply for a P EU residence permit.

Can I stay in Finland after Masters?

Students can petition for a one-year extension of their residence permit after they graduate, allowing them to remain in Finland while looking for work. You must submit an application while your student residence permit is still in effect in order to receive this extended residence permit.

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