Paying Less and Planning Better Student Travels

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If you are a student who has decided to think about how to start seeing the world already now, this article is prepared exactly for you. Truly, there are no reasons for delaying those trips you find interesting simply because your budget is not of millionaire’s ones. Travels expand outlook and make mindset more flexible. This is the first ground for your future success. So, don’t underestimate travel.

At the same time, financial issues matter a lot for all students. Luckily, there are many options to consider and choose from, even in this likely tough case. If you are wondering how to travel the world cheaply, we can bring you many ideas. These suggestions are based on real-life experience, and you may easily test them on your own, those you find workable for your travel case. So, here are promised tips and ideas.

Study Loads Left: What to Do?

Don’t panic first and cease thinking about the cancellation of your dream or simply interesting journeys. This is a matter of priority. Many students choose in favor of desired trips and start thinking something like “Maybe someone can write my essay for me?”. That is a wise choice in most cases. One ordinary academic paper trains your writing and research skills once. But, trips can help you explore far better horizons. And, by the way, people with a wider outlook feel fewer problems with expressing their thoughts and ideas. So, if you upgrade your mindset during the trips you have, there is a high chance of a positive impact on your research and writing abilities later also. Sounds good, isn’t it? 

Many famous writers, for instance, or simply successful people, appreciated their trips as events that helped them to revise their outlook and helped later in their day-to-day life. We hope your writing skills and mindset will also be upgraded after travels you find desirable. The rest of the writing tasks professionals may easily take for resolving. Travel more, spend less, and get more from your life and studies.

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Tips to Know

If you already feel tired of numerous academic papers making and have travel dreams, this is the right time to start thinking about changing surroundings by traveling. A limited sum of money is not a problem in general if you arrange all preparations well. For instance, taking into account these tips may help you: 

  • Research comprehensively all travel matters beforehand. Funny, but this is also a good occasion to test your research skills. The earlier you start making these searches – the more chances of finding the cheapest options you have for your travel. It is better to prepare certain things beforehand, and this is especially important for flight pricing comparison. For your convenience, make a separate Excel or Word document with all more or less suitable options for your travels. This will help to compare your budget parameters with available travel options. Our suggestion is to split your budget into separate cost items for more effective planning.
  • Plan your travel a month before or after the so-called high season. You will be able to save a lot simply because of not getting to your destination at the time when all other tourists also go there (of course, if this is relevant to your destination). For instance, hotels near the sea offer generous discounts for those people who go there a bit after their high season. The same situation may be with other locations you are interested in. Find out more about those by researching whether they have the high season, discounts after it, or maybe some promotional campaigns.
  • Don’t neglect various online tools. This is a good solution for busy students who wish to get fast results. Find out more about existing travel trends by using such tools as Travelzoo or Trip Watcher. For instance, subscribing to their mailing list will help you to find out more about countries you would like to visit and also about all available options for that. You don’t need to be a programming genius or an expert in Chicago style citation to understand the travel tools. Most of them are simple and easy to understand for every user, whether you are a seasoned traveler or a first-time traveler.
  • Have you ever heard about student travel companies? Those can make your life a number of times easier. For instance, you may enjoy the services of STA Travel and Student Universe. These two suggest to students comprehensive travel solutions and combine those with attractive discounts. The websites of these companies are full of workable and tested travel tips you also may take into account while arranging your travels.
  • Booking hotels and flights simultaneously may sometimes offer you greater savings. If you combine these bookings, you may easily save a lot rather when you book a hotel and flight for your trip separately. Such options are available; simply search those for your destination.
  • Save on flights. Having flights with more comfort, of course, sounds to be very attractive. But, if you wish to save funds, thinking about more affordable options is necessary. If you are wondering how to travel the world cheap and think it is impossible, we may assure you that it is possible. If you have never heard about low-cost flights, we suggest you review these options. It may appear to be amazing, but for certain destinations, the flights may cost silly money.
  • Have you ever heard about the International Student Travel Card? This is a tool recognized in 100+ countries around the globe. Numerous discounts for hotels, restaurants, complex tours, or separate attractions will become available to you for less with this card.
  • Think about a more or less convenient substitute to hotels – hostels. If you are totally limited in budget, this may be the right choice for you. Of course, it is better to travel along with somebody if you choose hostels for staying. But, if you are alone, finding reliable options may be also enough. Make sure such hostels are equipped with different security means and have many good comments from their previous customers. Choosing some options by the references of your acquaintances who were there at least once is the best option in this case.
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Don’t Know Where to Go Cheaply? List of Good Options Comes

Most of us have roughly the same list of countries that everyone should visit. However, visiting most of the mainstream destinations is quite expensive. But if you have already tired of thinking about where to go or simply have just recognized the need to travel, there is a list of countries to go spending less:

  • Laos
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Costa Rica
  • Mexico
  • Romania
  • Albania
  • Nepal

These countries are interesting from the point of exploring new cultures and places. Going and staying there is also not related to high transportation and living costs as well as costs for meals. There are lots of interesting spots to see there. Take these options to start your searches of the most suitable travel, hotel, and other options for your comfortable staying there.

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