York University Acceptance Rate

In this article, we discuss York University Acceptance Rate, York University tuition, York University tuition, York University admission requirements for international students. York University is Canada’s third-largest university, with a high student satisfaction rate of 94 percent. York graduates find work within two years of graduation and the york university acceptance rate is reportedly high.

York University Acceptance Rate
York University is located in Toronto and is home to 10,000 international students from 178 nations.
It employs 7,000 academic and administrative staff, has more than 300,000 graduates, and is named first in Canada for high-quality MBA programs by Corporate Knights, Forbes, and CNN Growth (Schulich School of Business). The data above indicate not just how welcoming York University is, but also how high its admission rate is.

However, as a prospective York University Toronto student, you should be wary of the numbers because admittance to the institution is extremely hard. As a result, to improve your chances of acceptance, this article will describe how York University Toronto admits both Canadian and foreign students. You will also learn important details about York University Toronto’s admission standards and student life.


Why Study At York University Toronto?

However, before we look at the York University acceptance rate in detail, let’s have a look at some of the reasons why you should attend. York University is a public research university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, that was founded in 1959. So, if you would want to study in Toronto, one of Canada’s highest-ranked cities in the QS Best Student Cities, then York U is the place for you. It is well-known for advocating innovative ways of thinking to improve education and research.

York Institution is an internationally known research university having collaborations with more than 200 premier universities across the world through its 11 faculties and 25 research institutes. York University is committed to advancing knowledge and creating constructive change in society as a research-intensive university. QS World University Rankings, 2020, ranks the university’s research output as “very high.” York researchers are expected to win nearly CAD 100 million in grants and prizes in 2018-2019, according to estimates.

York’s research prowess may be shown in the fact that the institution now boasts 43 York Research Chairs, an increase of tenfold since 2015. If you are a doer, you will thrive in this environment. Essentially, York students and alumni push boundaries, achieve goals, and find answers to the world’s most important social issues, all while being supported by a strong community that encourages them to think beyond the box. You also have a better probability of landing a job after graduation if you attend York University.

York University now has a 93 percent graduate employment rate. With the York University Acceptance Rate in mind, there are so many more reasons to apply for admission into York University. In comparison to several other Ontario institutions, York is the only one that places a strong priority on student placements. Many of the university’s courses involve a one-year paid internship in their field of study.

This gives students firsthand exposure to current business culture and helps them to hone the skills needed to flourish in their industries professionally. Apart from that, the institution assists students in seeking work, providing advice on CVs, applications, and interview preparation, among other things.


York University Toronto Campuses

York University Toronto is divided into two campuses: Keele and Glendon. The Keele Campus, York’s main campus, is located in the northwestern part of Toronto, bordering York Region. With 457 acres, it is Canada’s biggest post-secondary campus, and it houses the majority of the University’s faculties. Glendon College, on the other hand, is a multilingual liberal arts faculty and a distinct campus of York University in the Lawrence Park suburb of Toronto.

Glendon is unique among York faculties in that it has complete control over both recruiting and admission. There are also more satellite campuses for the school. While the majority of Schulich School of Business and Osgoode Hall Law School programs are conducted on the Keele Campus, both schools also have satellite locations in downtown Toronto. By Fall 2023, the university will have a new campus called Markham Center Campus.


The York University Acceptance Rate

There is no set acceptance rate for York University. York University Toronto, on the other hand, has a 27 percent overall admission rate, according to College Dunia. That is, 55,700 people were enrolled out of a total of 206,297 applications, with 57 percent of women and 43 percent of men. Using the prior student enrolment at York University, College Dunia found that 49,700 students were enrolled out of 55,843 applications.

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In other words, the undergraduate admittance rate at York University is 89 percent. In a similar vein, we may calculate the York University graduate admission rate. 6,000 students were accepted out of 54546 applications. That is to say, the graduate admission rate at York University is 11%.


Admission Requirements For York University Toronto

To summarise, if you wish to attend York University, you must first apply to the institution before the application deadline. You must also meet the university’s basic admission standards, demonstrate particular subject prerequisites, and submit a personal profile or statement of interest. Although the application procedure for local and foreign students may differ.

However, there are some papers that prospective students must provide as part of the application process. All applicants enrolling at York University for an undergraduate degree or certificate must meet the following entrance criteria:

  • Transcripts Authenticated (all students are required to submit official transcripts except those qualifying as Mature applicants or as Visiting Students on a Letter of Permission)
  • Descriptions of Courses (for any postsecondary work taken outside of North America)
  • Requirements for Language Proficiency
  • Schulich School of Business,  Social Work, School of the Arts, Faculty of Education, Media, Performance & Design, and Lassonde School of Engineering Supplementary Applications (optional co-application).

Language Proficiency Requirements

In general, programs at the Keele Campus are taught in English, but programs at the Glendon Campus are taught in a bilingual setting (English and French). As a result, to be admitted, you must demonstrate language fluency in the language of instruction for your program. Applicants should keep in mind, however, that these are simply suggestions, and that fulfilling the minimum qualifications does not ensure acceptance. To put it another way, York University reserves the right to require a passing score on a language competency exam.

These questions will help you identify whether you need to present proof of English or French language proficiency.

  • What is your native tongue?
  • Did you complete four years of high school in Canada, either in English or in French?
  • How long have you been a student in an English language education system in a country where English is the primary language?

You must show proof of English competence if your first language is not English and you have less than four years of acceptable full-time study in an English language school system. 

York University Admission Requirements For Canadian Students

Conditional offers of admission will be issued based on all of your Grade 11 exams and any applicable Grade 12 finals/midterms (in progress) as a Canadian high school graduate, with a focus on courses particular to the program to which you have applied.

York University Admission Requirements For International Students

York University Toronto welcomes foreign students from 178 countries and territories with a variety of educational backgrounds. To get admitted to York University, candidates must have a valid visa to study in Canada as well as a high school diploma or secondary school certificate from their home country.


York University Tuition Fees

First and foremost, A non-refundable application fee of CAD 130 is levied for applying to York University. Visa, Visa Debit, or MasterCard can be used to pay the application fee. York university tuition is charged on a per-program or per-course basis, dependent on the faculty or program in which you are enrolled. In most cases, overseas students must pay tuition as well as supplemental fees such as athletics, counseling, cultural, and special services, as well as fees approved by student referendums.

Health coverage, the YU card (if applicable), and fees for linked courses and programs are examples of additional expenses. York university tuition fees for undergraduate programs range from CAD 27000 to CAD 37000. Dental and health fees are also charged, they are estimated to be around CAD 982. Also, students are expected to pay CAD 1200 to CAD 2600 in books and supplies levies. Furthermore, Personal living expenses are estimated to range from CAD 2,500 to CAD 4000  Despite the York University acceptance rate, the University fees are not exorbitant.

York university tuition and extra fees for graduate foreign students enrolled in a full-time master’s program range from CAD 6,500 to CAD 15,000 for full-time master’s students. The cost of a full-time graduate degree ranges from CAD 5700 to CAD 9200 each year. The total price for a full-time Ph.D. degree is around CAD 6,200. On the Student Account Online Statement, the tuition cost and additional charges are shown. International students can use telephone or internet banking to make payments to banks and credit unions.


Visa Process for International Students

In general, obtaining a study visa in Canada is an important part of the admissions process for overseas students applying to York University. Prospective students must additionally apply for a study permit in addition to a visa. Consult the nearest Canadian Embassy for a visa and study permit, which should be applied for as soon as possible to prevent last-minute issues.

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How Is Student Life At York University Toronto?

York University’s campuses are surrounded by the energy of Toronto, Canada’s largest and most vibrant metropolis. Students at York University can participate in a variety of activities and develop a love for them. Students participate in clubs and groups, athletics, community service, and student-run activities in addition to campus life. When students first arrive at York, they are allocated to a college depending on either their faculty and program of study (major) or the house they live in.

Essentially, your college serves as your home base while at York U, allowing you to engage in student government, social events, academic support, job, and volunteering. Students, on the other hand, discover intriguing things to do and wonderful people with whom to do them at student groups. York University now has around 300 student clubs and organizations, 13 periodicals, and 36 governing bodies.

York University student-athletes are also among Canada’s best. The University has won 33 national championships and 171 provincial titles in its short existence, including the 2013 Provincial Men’s Soccer Championship, the 2014 National Men’s Track & Field Championship, and the 2014 Provincial Women’s Tennis Championship. You may support the York Lions on the field, court, or rink if you are a York University student.

Furthermore, as a student, you will not want to miss out on any of the 1,000+ student-run activities, on-campus theatrical performances, or York Lions sports. Life at U of T is, in general, diverse. You’ll have access to unrivaled academic opportunities as well as a diverse range of social, cultural, recreational, and wellness programs.


Student Diversity & Preferred Profile

York University is a very selective institution, and meeting the minimum entry standards does not guarantee admission. Only the best prospects will be considered. The institution considers a complete academic profile from high school to the present for undergraduate admissions. The institution examines a range of factors when making admission decisions, including consistency of results, repeated course tries, and external test scores.

The institution decides whether candidates achieve the academic criteria necessary in a certain discipline for graduate programs. Before selecting candidates, the Office of Admission takes into account the availability of supervisors as well as similar interests. York University has around 18% foreign students, which promotes diversity, inclusion, global engagements, and cross-cultural understanding.

More than 8,500 foreign students from 178 countries make up a total of 55,000 pupils. The university’s Foreign Student & Scholar Services Team guarantees international students’ retention and achievement. The institution also provides academic and financial assistance to overseas students to help them adjust to their new environment.


On-campus housing

More than 3,000 students live at York University’s ten houses, eight of which are located on the Keele campus and two on the Glendon campus. First-year students admitted directly from a full-time secondary school program and who apply before the deadline will be assured on-campus housing. If they apply by the deadline, first-year students who have a 90% or above acceptance rate will be assured a single room. The majority of the residences are classic dormitory-style rooms with communal washrooms and lounges.

On the Keele campus, there are a few suite-style homes. The cost of an eight-month typical single room starts at CAD 7,101. The food package, which is required in some houses, ranges from CAD 3,750 to CAD 5,250 for eight months. International students who select off-campus living, such as renting an apartment, should expect to pay around CAD 11,000 per year in rent, utilities, and meals.


York University Scholarships for International Students

Canadian scholarships give a wonderful chance for students to complete their education in a prominent country, which is why many prefer to study in Canada. Scholarships from Canada help low-income students acquire a high-quality education under the supervision of the best mentors and professors.

1. President’s International Scholarship of Excellence

The President’s International Scholarship of Excellence, valued at $180,000 ($45,000 per year x four years), is one of York’s most distinguished scholarships. High-achieving overseas students with a strong dedication to volunteer work, extracurricular activities, and leadership qualities will be chosen as scholarship recipients.

2. York University Automatic Entrance Scholarship

This York University international student grant is awarded to local and foreign students with an entrance average of at least 80%. The amount granted will be determined by the student’s grade as well as his or her eligibility. For example, a candidate with an IB score of 42-45 may be eligible for a $3,200 scholarship. This award is renewable for three years, based on the course load and GPA of the student. To keep the scholarship, the candidate must maintain a GPA of at least 8.0 and a course load of at least 24 units.

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3. Glendon International Scholarship

Foreign students enrolled at the university can apply for the Glendon International Scholarship. To be considered for this York Scholarship program for international students, a candidate must have an 85 percent grade point average and show leadership potential, as well as financial need. Nominations from schools or community organizations are used to choose the winners. Aside from that, the candidate must write a 300-word essay demonstrating his or her leadership abilities – as well as potential contributions to Glendon College.

4. York University Minimum Funding Commitment

York University has a minimum financial commitment for outstanding graduate students. Students will receive at least full tuition if this pledge is made at the time of enrolling. If a student holds several scholarships, such as TA or RA, he or she may be eligible for a stipend to help fund a living stipend.

5. Armand and Denise LaBarge Graduate Scholarship in Multiculturalism

One MA or Ph.D. student who displays academic achievement in their fields of study will receive the Armand and Denise LaBarge Graduate Scholarship in Multiculturalism. This York University fellowship for graduate foreign students pays special attention to applicants who support multiculturalism, diversity, and human rights, as the name suggests. Applicants must submit a completed application form, curriculum vitae, and transcript of records to the Scholarship and Awards Coordinator to be considered for this one-time grant.

6. Joyce and Fred Zemans Scholarship

Three students from the Graduate Program in Art History, the Schulich School of Business MBA Program, and the Osgoode Hall Law School Graduate Program in Law will receive the Joyce and Fred Zemans Non-Renewable Scholarship. While there are certain desired criteria for candidates, the basic prerequisites include upcoming or current enrollment as well as confirmation of academic achievements. A letter of nomination from the Program Director, a curriculum vitae, and a transcript of records are also required. Art History and Law majors must additionally submit a Statement of Research.



York University in Canada is indeed a renowned worldwide teaching and research institution. The university features dynamic campuses in the center of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, where students are prepared for a long-term successful profession and personal growth. ranked 1st in the institutions in Global Joint Research Publications in 2017, and it provides a diverse variety of degrees and programs.

The institution draws the brightest students from all over the world, with over 55,000 students enrolled in more than 200 innovative and flexible programs. The institution provides a unique atmosphere for cross-disciplinary programming, immersive learning, and creative course design for foreign students. By bringing education to life via global interaction, the institution exemplifies diversity at its finest.

The institution, which has more than 8,500 foreign students from 178 countries, believes in international partnership. York University also has two international campuses, one in Costa Rica and the other in India, which ensures worldwide community relations. York University is an excellent choice for students looking for a high-quality, research-intensive atmosphere. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is York University easy to get into?

Yes, getting into York University is not tough. The application procedure is not difficult, but make sure you try to connect with a mentor at York. They would increase your chances of being accepted by a factor of two.

What GPA do you need to get into York University?

Before acceptance, you must have completed 60 credits at a recognized institution (equal to ten (10) university full courses) with a cumulative grade point average of at least a C+ (5.0 on the York Scale) and a B (6.0) average in the final 30 credits.

Is York University competitive?

York University is Canada’s third-largest university, located in Toronto, one of the country’s most affluent cities. The school’s admittance rate of 89 percent reflects this. Regardless of the high admittance rate, York University is an extremely competitive institution.

Does York University give unconditional offers?

One of three options will be presented to you: conditional – you must still fulfill some or all of the terms of your offer. unconditional – you’ve been offered a position, albeit there may be some details to work out or documentation to provide.

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