How to Write a Good Scholarship Recommendation Letter in 2022

The need to write a good scholarship recommendation letter in 2022 is a thing you’d likely encounter, if you’re a teacher, lecturer, principal, etc. And if writing a good recommendation letter is what brought you here, then you have come to the right place.

good scholarship recommendation letter in 2021

In this article, I’d be providing you with important information you’d need to know, about writing a good recommendation letter in 2022. In other words, by the time you’re done reading this content, your recommendation letter writing skills should have improved massively. So let’s get into it.

What makes a good scholarship recommendation letter?

Before delving into the details of how to write a good scholarship recommendation letter, it’s important to first understand what makes a recommendation letter good. So if you ask, what makes a good scholarship recommendation letter? Well, I’d simply say that it’s all about writing in line with what the recipient of the letter would like to hear.

Take, for instance, imagine a scholarship organizer who is trying to award scholarships to students who are capable of making an impact on their community. If you’re to write a recommendation letter for such a scholarship, it wouldn’t make much sense to write solely on a student’s financial condition and how his father always beat him up. What would rather make sense, is to write about how the student seems like someone who can make great discoveries and how the student has the spirit of carrying people along.

In short, the first step to writing a good scholarship recommendation letter is understanding what the scholarship is all about, then writing in line with what the organizers would like to hear.

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Structure of a good scholarship recommendation letter in 2022

Now that you understand the first step about how to write a good scholarship recommendation letter, the next step is to write the letter. But before jumping into the writing, there’s one thing you should note: there are some guidelines usually used for writing scholarship recommendation letters. And the following are the guidelines:

1. Limit your writing to 300 – 500 words: While there’s is no law that states scholarship recommendation letters should be between 300 and 500 words, it makes sense to follow this guideline. A scholarship recommendation letter that follows this guideline should long enough to convince a scholarship organizer. It would also be short enough to prevent the reader from getting bored and annoyed.

In short, while it’s allowed for your recommendation letter to be outside the range provided, ensure you have a good reason for writing a letter shorter or longer if you decide to write outside the range.

2. Make use of 4 paragraphs: When trying to write a good scholarship recommendation letter, it is also recommended to make it a 4-paragraph letter. It’s allowed not to follow this guideline, but 4-paragraph recommendation letters have proven to be better than recommendation letters having less than 4 or more than 4 paragraphs.

And usually, the first paragraph should be the introductory paragraph, the second and the third paragraph should try to back up the introductory paragraph, while the last paragraph should conclude the letter.

Good scholarship recommendation letter sample

By now, you should have an idea of how to write a good scholarship recommendation letter, and the next thing to do is to try to practice, before writing the official letter. But before jumping into practice, I feel it would make some sense to write you a sample of a good scholarship recommendation letter.

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May 23, 2022

John Alex Stanzvern

Computer Studies Teacher

The XYZ High School

1 Cane Street

Bridgetown, CA, 90210

Dear Sir/Madam,

I write this letter to endorse Jane Doe as a good candidate for the ABC scholarship. I had the opportunity to teach Jane computer studies for three academic sessions. And during that period the girl managed to rank as the most impressive student I’ve seen in my teaching career. The girl has a remarkable ability to understand things. She starts with understanding things at a very fundamental level, then builds upon them, until she completely understands how things work at large.

During her senior year, I had to teach her class computer architecture. This class has always been one of the most difficult for senior students. But within a very short period, Jane developed a very solid understanding of computer architecture. And she did this with the help of only a little explanation from me. In fact, she went ahead to design her own computer architecture, a thing none of my senior students has ever done.

Furthermore, after seeing her design a computer architecture, I had the feeling she’d also be to do some impressive work on operating systems, and she didn’t fail to impress me. During the summer holiday, I and Jane designed what I’d call the most impressive OS I’ve ever seen. In fact, I’ve shared the OS with my friends in the industry, and they all seem unable to stop talking about it. And a lot of thanks to Jane, for the ideas and programming efforts she invested in the development of the OS.

In short, based on what I’ve learned about the ABC Scholarship Program, I sincerely believe Jane to be a great candidate for the program. She is the kind of student your program is designed to help. And I’m quite confident you’d be glad about a decision to sponsor her.


Mr. John Alex Stanzvern


What I have discussed above, is basically how to write a good scholarship recommendation letter. It’s nothing difficult, so don’t stress yourself out. However, before sending out the letter, ensure that you proofread the letter before sending it. In fact, I’d recommend you proofread with the help of proofreading tools, to further eliminate errors a human might miss. And if you’d like me to recommend you a proofreading tool, you can try Spellogram [if you’re using an Android phone or the Chrome OS]. As for people using other platforms, you can try out Grammarly.

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