How to Become a Stockbroker in 2021?

Does stockbroking interest you as well as getting a stockbroker degree? If it does, here’s how to become a stockbroker in 2021

become a stockbroker in 2021
How to become a stockbroker in 2021

This post contains the necessary details on how to become a stockbroker in 2021, what a stockbroking degree is, and other educational requirements you need to excel in this career path. You’ll also get to know the training, cost, and how much a stockbroker earns.

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How to become a Stockbroker in 2021

What is Stockbroking?

Stock, also called shares” or ”equity”, is a type of security that shows proportionate ownership in the issuing corporation. It is also known as “

So, stockbroking is a service that gives institutional and retail investors the opportunity to buy and sell equities.

Therefore, stockbroking is the professional activity of buying and selling stocks for clients.

Who is a Stockbroker?

A stockbroker is simply someone who buys and sells goods on behalf of clients; those clients might be institutions or individuals. Stockbrokers receive a commission or compensation for making the transaction for the client.

Being a stockbroker first requires you to pass exams in order to become licensed to legally buy and sell securities.

What do Stockbrokers do?

Basically, a stockbroker goal is to find clients who need stocks and shares he has and sells to them.

After he finds a client , he needs to give proper investment advice and develop a strong understanding of the stock market. 

That means, a stockbroker who gives better advice gets more money for his client and the client will do more trades with you which transcends into more commission, which is more money for you as a stockbroker.

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How do I become a Stockbroker?

1. Get a High School Diploma.

2 Obtain a Bachelor’s degree

Common degrees for you to obtain include


Business management





3. Get Experience

4. Sit for Licensing Exams and Pass

What training or requirements do I need to become a Stock Broker?

Being a stockbroker demands you meet some certain requirements in different facets. Below are these requirements.

  • Stockbroker License requirements
  • Educational Requirements for a Stock Broker
  • Skill requirement to become a stockbroker
  • Training Requirement to become a Stockbroker.

What does it Cost to Become a Stock Broker?

From the requirements listed above, it may cost about $34,080-$75,240 for a four-year degree program to earn a bachelor’s.

You may also spend about $99 or $129 dollars a month for a standard full-time or continuing education high school diploma program respectively.

Are there Schools for Stockbrokers?

There are no universities offering stockbroking as a degree program, but there are universities offering degrees in finance and business. These degrees are the basics you need to succeed as a stockbroker.

Below are universities where you can get a degree in finance or business to meet the educational requirements of becoming a stockbroker.

  • Alaska Pacific University Anchorage
  • Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh PA
  • Gannon University Erie PA
  • University of San Francisco San Francisco CA
  • University of Northern Iowa Cedar Falls IA

Where do Stock Brokers Work?

To become a successful stockbroker you will need to work long hours in any of the following work environments.

Online Discount Brokerage

you may work in an online discount brokerage. An Online Discount Brokerage firm will allow you to trade stocks using their online platform. This offer is available for less than $10 per trade.

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Basically, because discount brokerages have broken down barriers and lowered the cost of investing for most people, the trading stock is no longer restricted to the wealthy. So, you can provide a valuable service.


You can work as a stockbroker in a bank either as a forex trade expert or an investment analyst. This requires a degree in finance or business.

Brokerage Companies/ Investment Firms

Stockbrokers can also work in Brokerage companies or Investment firms.

How to Become a Stock Broker FAQs

Can I be a Stockbroker without a degree?

Yes, you can be a stockbroker without a college degree. However, you will need to get a license and practice as a professional. This will require you to take the Financial Industry Regulation Authority Licensing exams. Its basic requirement is a college degree.

Is it hard to become a Stock broker?

No, it’s not. Scroll up and read through the post as it will guide you on how to become a stock broker. All you need is an educational requirement, a license and three basic skills to excel in this career path.

How do I become a good Stock broker?

To become a good stock broker, you will complete high school, get a degree, write the Financial Industry Regulation Authority Licensing exams, get a license, acquire sales and numeracy skills, communication skills, and continuously renew your license to officially remained a stock broker.

How long does it take to become a Stockbroker?

It may take you a total number of 6 years to become a licensed stock broker. Two years in high school diploma and four years for an undergraduate degree. However, if you need a master’s degree to practise in your state, it may take about 8 years.

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What do I need to become a stock broker?

There are no basic educational requirements to be a stockbroker, but to be a successful broker you need to get a degree, get a license, go for professional training and gain relevant skills and experience.


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