UCLA Law School Acceptance Rate And How To Get In Easily In 2023

Are you searching for a prestigious law school in the United States of America? Then UCLA Law school should be your first choice. Scroll down this article to read more on UCLA Law School Acceptance Rate and how to get in easily. This article will enlighten you on the Admission requirements, LSAT Score, GP score, etc.

In the State of California, the University of California is venerable and historic. It is a highly regarded center of higher education that offers a variety of degree programs in the Arts and Sciences and has produced many highly skilled and motivated professionals. The most prestigious law school in Southern California is found at the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law. As a result, UCLA’s law school has a low acceptance rate. Although not the lowest in the USA, it is still quite low. This is a logical result of their reputation as a more prestigious institution; the higher the ranking, the more difficult it is to gain admission.


UCLA Law School Acceptance Rate And How To Get In Easily

UCLA Law School Acceptance Rate

The setting of the law school and the university itself that was previously provided should have given you an idea of how difficult it is to be accepted. The UCLA law school admittance rate is just about 20%, which is Why surprising given the school’s academic history and reputation.

The amount may change from year to year. The admittance rate for UCLA’s law school fluctuated between 20 and 30 percent between 2010 and 2020. The acceptance percentage at UCLA Law is determined by their application process as well as their rankings, not just the rankings themselves.

Only 1,562 of UCLA Law’s 7,976 applicants who submitted applications in 2022 were given job offers. Make sure your undergraduate GPA and LSAT score satisfies the minimum requirements for UCLA Law in order to increase your chances of admission. Most law schools employ both of these crucial measures to assess an applicant’s aptitude and admissibility.

The academic programs available and the admission requirements have an impact on acceptance as well. The clearest and biggest factor behind UCLA Law School’s low admission rate

Why You Should Choose UCLA Law School

UCLA Law school prepares students for success. Students get the opportunity to work on the more than a dozen publications that examine current issues in greater detail in addition to learning from renowned legal brains.

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Representatives from the 400 law firms and other employers that visit each year can be contacted by students. 96% of the 2018 graduating class had jobs in the legal field within ten months after graduation.

Graduates of UCLA Law also fare well financially; their median beginning salaries in the public sector are $60,000 and in the private sector are $190,000.

UCLA Law School Admission Requirements

The admissions process takes into account a number of variables as UCLA seeks to enroll a broad group of “students of excellent intellectual capacity.”
Candidates must first register with the Credential Assembly Service of the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC). Candidates must also provide a resume and scores from the LSAT or GRE in addition to the application.
Additionally, candidates must compose a personal statement outlining how they will excel in law school and the legal profession.

The importance that a school assigns to a student’s GRE results varies. It can be a significant selection element in some cases while being merely an admissions formality in others. The latter group appears to be represented by UCLA law, which gives equal weight to an applicant’s GRE and LSAT results. This might be a factor in the low acceptance rate at UCLA’s law school. For comparison, the highest possible LSAT score for applicants to UCLA Law is 180, while the median score is 169.

Your chances of being admitted will be improved if you have a strong portfolio of scholarly accomplishments, a few prizes, and publications to your name. Your undergraduate program may also play a determining role in your decision.

UCLA Law School GP Requirements

Among those admitted who enrolled full-time, UCLA Law had the #28 highest median undergraduate GPA (3.72), according to the data.

Candidates accepted to Harvard and Yale in 2022 had undergraduate GPAs on average of 3.86 and 3.93, respectively. UCLA’s 3.74 GPA wasn’t as severe.

If you can write a standout application letter and perform well on the LSAT, you can still have a chance to get into UCLA even if your GPA is below average. This is why you should get started with LSAT prep as early as possible.

UCLA School LSAT Requirements

The test for admission to law school (LSAT). Every applicant to law school is required to take this test, which is assessed equally for all applicants. The LSAT has a low score cutoff of 120 and a high score cutoff of 180. In other words, even if someone takes the LSAT and answers every question incorrectly, they will still obtain a score of 120. Another person who answers every question correctly is awarded a 180.

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The LSAT is a standardized test that an admissions officer can use to compare all 7,000 applicants to one another. For applicants to UCLA Law in 2022, the typical LSAT score was 166. Higher average scores were necessary for Harvard and Yale. 173.


UCLA Law School Ranking

In addition to coming in at number 14 overall in the country, U.S. News & World Report’s specialties rankings for law schools included UCLA’s law school, which tied for fourth place for Environmental Law and came in at number seven for Trial Advocacy.
Other impressive ranks include Constitutional Law (tied for eighth), Tax Law (tied for eighth), and Business/Corporate Law (eighth) (tied for ninth).
UCLA has produced many lawyers who work in the entertainment business due to its proximity to Hollywood. We ranked UCLA among the nation’s top entertainment law schools in 2021.
UCLA has also received praise for its diversity; it ranked tenth on the Princeton Review’s list of the Most Diverse Faculty in 2021.
The publication’s rankings were based on both student feedback and demographic information about the university.


Although the acceptance rate for the UCLA law school may be fairly low, it may still be worthwhile to apply if one is set on studying law. Being a graduate of Southern California’s top-ranked law school would undoubtedly offer you an advantage when entering the field. But more than anything, it’s critical to acquire the abilities necessary to succeed as a lawyer.

In conclusion, you should achieve strong LSAT and GRE scores, compile a portfolio of academic accomplishments, honors, and published work, obtain recommendation letters from pertinent individuals, and maintain a strong GPA in your bachelor’s program to maximize your chances of being accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it simple to get into UCLA Law School?

Nevertheless, the acceptance rate for law schools in the US is often about 45%. However, UCLA maintains a higher bar by only accepting candidates who can demonstrate that they are UCLA material and meet UCLA’s requirements. The admittance rate for UCLA Law has fluctuated between 20 and 30 percent since 2010.

How can I better my chances of being accepted to UCLA?

Despite enrolling in the most demanding classes available, keep your GPA at 3.9. The class of 2025’s minimum UCLA GPA requirement was 3.9, with 47.3 percent earning a perfect 4.0.
Create one or two Tier 1-2 after-school activities.
Make engaging essays.

What is the acceptance rate for UCLA Law school?

With an acceptance rate of 22.5% among applicants, UCLA Law is ranked #16 in terms of student selection.

What criteria does UCLA Law School use?

Priority is given to students. By October 31, 2022, Early Decision applicants must have taken the LSAT or GRE. Decisions about admission will be communicated to applicants by the end of December 2022. After November 15, students applying for Early Decision must take the LSAT or GRE by January 31, 2023, and they will get decisions on a rolling basis.

How long does it take for UCLA Law School to respond?

If you enroll in a school in September, you might not hear from them again until March, April, or even May. So for some people, we’re talking about up to six months or more. The possible range is 1-6 months.

Is 30 too late to start law school?

There is never a bad time to apply to law school. Despite the fact that most applicants are under 25, the Law School Admission Council estimates that 20% of applicants are 30 or older. Many senior lawyers go on to have successful second careers that combine their prior knowledge and expertise with what they learned in law school.

How many people apply to UCLA Law?

7939 applicants submitted applications in 2021 to be included in the class of 2024. Of the 7939 applicants, 1225 (15.43%) were given admissions offers, resulting in a 1L class of 366 people. UCLA School of Law is one of the most demanding and challenging to get into, with an acceptance rate of 15.43%.

What is UCLA Law school known for?

In terms of academics, UCLA Law is a pioneer in the fields of law, policy, sexuality, and gender identity. The top legal school in the country for media and entertainment law is regularly regarded as UCLA Law. Discover the philosophical foundations of legal ethics with top academics from many disciplines.

Are there legal interviews at UCLA?

Interviews are not part of the admissions process at UCLA Law.

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