How to Get United Airlines Student Discount in 2023

Get the current United Airlines student discounts when you book airline tickets and MileagePlus award tickets to global destinations.

The United Airlines’ student discount on flights gives the airlines a chance to raise the number of students booking flight appointments with them and also increase their fidelity to making use of the airlines whenever the need to travel arises either for holidays or to and from school. The student discount gives a planned market scheme for the airlines to help and serve the students.

How to Get United Airlines Student Discount

About United Airlines Student Discount

The special collection of the store is now much easier with the United Airlines Student Discount readily available on You can now get hold of every favorite item even without paying the precise cost price for the same item.

The United Airlines Student Discounts always offer an exhilarating price decrease and also have no bar on your order. We have organized the very best United Airlines Student Discount for authentic and undemanding savings on every order. You can separate yourself from low-valued items with the United Airlines Student Discounts. The website makes it possible for you to shop online at portable prices even without moving out of the safety of your humble abode.

You can confidently and comfortably fly just the way you want to, using United Airlines and their different ticket choices for every air passenger. Pick Basic Economy on the routes tab for discounted boards that would still make provision for most of the identical resources and services offered by quality Economies such as inflight refreshment, Wi-Fi, and food & beverages.

On the other hand of the sequence, Economy Plus grants you more capacity to work or relax for a little opulence and also offers cheap ticket amounts.

Just Make the perfect choice for you and your needs with a United Airlines deal or one of our United Airlines vouchers to fly with style and arrive feeling your best. Ameliorate to deluxe cabin seating with the United Airlines Polaris classes, Business Class, and First Class for free alcoholic beverages, superiority boarding, and a real free quality checked bag with a United Airlines code for extra grandeur at a very affordable price.

From exclusive flights to a fantastic destination to a joyous and thrilling flight to the Bahamas for a deserving winter vacation. You can make your trip to be wonderful from the start to finish just with United Airlines flights. On United flights, we have standard and quality Wi-Fi to provide you with an excellent entertainment show. Ensure to go through your ticket information to see if Wi-Fi is available on your next flight.

Presently, with a few restrictions, United Airlines has a pet policy that currently permits household cats and dogs in carriers in the deckhouse. Ensure to always check their website page for more details. With United Airlines, flying simultaneously with your hirsute companion can be a cool cruise.

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United Airlines tracks down its origin to the Varney AirLines known as “VAL”, which Walter Varney established in 1926 in Boise, Idaho. Continental Airlines is the next in line after the Speed Lines, which Varney also established in 1932 and its name was changed to “Varney Speed Lines” in 1934. In the United States, on 6th April 1926, Varney Airlines soared the very first private contracted priority mail flight.

William Boeing established “Boeing Air Transport” in 1927 to handle the air mail paths that are under contract with the U.S. Post Office Department. In 1929, William got his company merged with Pratt & Whitney company to the United Aircraft and Transport Corporation (UTC) into existence which got ready to start purchases within the space of about 28 months, and other corporations like the National Air Transport, Pacific Air Transport, Stout Air Services, and Varney Airlines, along with several many equipment producers at once.

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On March 28, 1931, UTC created the United Airlines corporation as a holding company for its airline branches.

In the ending months of 2006, United and Continental Airlines had an introductory uniting dialogue. On 16th April 2010, those dialogues recommenced and the board of executives of United Airlines and the Continental corporation concurred on the 2nd May 2010, to merge functions, fortuitous upon shareholder and statutory agreement.

On the 1st of October, 2010, the United Airlines Company turned its name to “United Continental Holdings, Inc”. The carriers intended to merge their functions in 2011. On November 30, 2011, the joint airline started functioning under a one-man air operator’s authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration “FAA”. On March 3, 2012, Continental and United Airlines joined their passenger service protocols, websites, and frequent-flier programs, which practically removed the Continental brand aside from its logo.

On 27th June 2019, the conglomerate (company) name transformed from United Continental Holdings, Inc. to United Airlines Holdings.

In January 2021, Chief Officer by name, Scott Kirby, declared the tendency for the company to authorize the employees to take the COVID-19 vaccine while advising the fore-told cumbersome experiences in carrying out the order.

On August 6th, the company was the first prior United States airline to declare a vaccine authorization for all staff which points to over 90 percent of pilots and 80 percent of flight attendants that have been vaccinated. This is therefore according to reports made by the various unions. Days before the internal deadline of Sept 27, The company made statements that not less than 97 percent of the United States-based staff were all vaccinated. This happened just days before the said internal date of 27th September elapsed.

About United Airlines Student Discount

United Airlines offers United App and MileagePlus accounts to students who are between the age range of 18 to 22 years. This offer is the student discounts whenever they reserve flight tickets for themselves.

The United Airlines students discount is on promotion and ready for order until June 30, 2022 also, students can book flight tickets in advance. United Airlines has the definite right to dismiss or grant the discount to a student, meanwhile, the student must make provision of papers indicating that he or she is a student between the range of 18-22 years of age.

Eligibility for United Airlines student account

Eligibility for one to register for the United Airlines student account is the age range of 18 to 22 years and also being an enrolled student in a university or college. The student must also have the United App and be of MileagePlus with a mileage plus account.

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How to benefit from United Airlines Discount

For a benefit from the United Airlines student discount, you have to first download and install the United App from the Apple store or Google Play Store using your personal computer or even phone, and then log into your MileagePlus account if you have an account, if not, you create a MileagePlus account for yourself. You would have to use your account created in the United App to choose Book and discounted travel, fill in the important travel details needed, then find the available discounts ready for your destination and confirm the flight if it’s yours.

Benefits of United Airlines student discount

The students gain from the flights by being able to pay the discounted travel amount with a minimum of 5% discount on United Express flights or United Airlines. This makes you save every time you reserve your flight with United Airlines.

You get gains as well by earning miles anytime you reserve a flight ticket with United Airlines student discounts that you can get for ordering e-gift cards, ordering items on authorized retail shops, car rentals, hotel booking, etc.

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You could benefit from comfortable and affordable flights to various places around the USA and then you select your destinations to either enjoy their vacations or visit family and friends or enjoy your vacations.

United Airlines also gains from giving student discounts by raising the number of boarders reserving their tickets with them, raising their bookings, and increasing earnings.

United Airlines manages to bring loyal customers who are looking forward to benefiting from the student discounts anytime they travel on holidays, going to or coming back from school. They are also looking for customers who would refer their family and friends who also are students to travel with United Airlines and get amazed by the discounted student price.

Limitations to United Airlines student discount

The United Airlines student discount cannot be combined with MileagePlus rewards or Other discounts or MileagePlus can’t be merged with the United Airlines students discount to buy a travel ticket. Consequently, a student can only use the rewards for another ticket purchase or he can get them in a dissimilar eligible order.

Underaged students, that is, below the age of 18, and students who are above 22 years of age are not eligible to get the student discount. Hence, students must provide documents showing that their age is related to the required age bracket. This proof is for free allowance accessing the flight ticket bought with a discount price.

Students can’t reserve flight tickets for a relative or a friend when they are using their MileagePlus account from the student discount page.

The student discount is not available on the page but is only accessible on the United App.

These student discount flights are only ready and available for flights within, to, and from the chosen destination and the United States. This is effective when a student uses the United Express flights or United Airlines.

The United Airlines students discount is only ready for the order of Basic Economy seats or United Economy.

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Mileage Plus Membership

This is much more than a normal flyer course. You can earn a lot with your daily normal activities when you join the MileagePlus membership and use them on potential trips, experiences, dining, experiences, trips, and much more. So, you can save up those worry-free rewards for more costly United Airlines tickets, since the rewards will never expire.

You even get more benefits from the exclusionary United Airlines promo opportunities, elevated travel experiences, waived fees, upgrades, priority services, upgrades, waived fees, elevated travel experiences, airline promo chances, and even more. Fly more for lesser prices with United Airlines student discount codes to commence earning that money at a faster rate.

United Airlines App

The new and updated United Airlines app offers numerous ways to access anything you need for your entire journey and also keeps the most dissimilar features you know and cherish. No matter how distant your future destination is, the United Airlines app is your one-in-a-million travel associate. You can also look at the United Airlines central point or hubs to search for the nearby airport while you are occupied.

You can use the United Airlines online check-in to view what services are available and ready, inspect your United flight reputation, find your rank on the upgrade and reform, and also the standby lists. All these can be done with your android phone. You can even reserve a flight ticket for your next trip, change your seat assignments, improve your journey and manage your United Airlines books.

Even on air, just continue making use of the United Airlines app to access the in-flight leisure and get rewards from anywhere and everywhere. Stay connected from start to finish so you can always enjoy United Airlines. So, reserve a flight ticket today for free!!!

Even if you’re out for a business or vacation trip, we always have plenty of the United Airlines coupon codes available to aid you to book it all for a lesser price. Browse via our American Airlines voucher code options for the very best discounts on all of your trip necessities and save up to 10 percent of your cost.

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Customer Care

Though things change at some point, the United Airlines refund law would try everything possible to make things work perfectly fine. You can as well try to cancel or change your flight book online or via the mobile app. If the flight price that was canceled changes, you can search and see the appropriate price differences or fee changes. United Airlines changing flight change procedures are normally stress-free and suitable.

Their 24-hour pliant reservation policy waives the cancellation or change fees if your flight ticket was ordered within the last day and is at least a week before the timeline departure. As the Basic Economy flight tickets are not suitable for changes, they would still have to honor this 24-hour booking law, but you may be able to contact their customer service group for any additional details.

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United Airlines Black Friday 2023

Black Friday helps you find the world on a plan list by shopping for the awesomely decreased Black Friday airfare amount at United Airlines. To make a big gain, ensure to start up cost messages, find numerous flight selections, constantly go through the United Airlines make sure you set up price alerts, search multiple flight options, check United Airlines luggage fees, and most especially, be pliant as you might just get an amazing offer too good to overlook!!!

Back then, United Airlines offered decreased round travel prices for places like Australia and Europe, with extra savings on First Travel, Economy Plus, and happy accompaniment to make your flight experience more better and comfortable, so we can make dissimilar discounts to move about this year. Therefore, get ready, set, and go see how much you would fit into your cart for your next vacation during their Black Friday specials and United Cyber Monday!!!

FAQs – How to Get United Airlines Student Discount in 2023

How can I get a discount on United Airlines?

Reserve flight tickets now and receive exclusionary discounts by getting the United app downloaded or by setting up a MileagePlus account.

Who is eligible for a United Airlines student discount?

This particular discount is available and ready for MileagePlus members who book flight tickets and are under the age bracket of 18 to 22 years of age. He or she must ensure to provide a date of birth on their MileagePlus account.

Do United travel vouchers expire?

United Airlines Travel certificate documents are obtainable after a year from the day you were issued. You are legible to use the certificate on any available flight via United Airlines. For other related online vouchers or coupons, ensure to read the illustrations so you don’t miss out on any promo code.

How would I upgrade my MileagePlus account with my date of birth?

Visit the official online website “” or use the United app to log into your MileagePlus account. Later, put in your date of birth to your MileagePlus account. Note: The date of birth must match the date on your travel certificate documents.

Does United Airlines do military discounts?

Yes, U.S. military veterans, active-duty military, National Guard and Reserve members, United States Veterans, active duty military, and their families can have a 5 percent discount on fares via their Veterans Advantage membership program. Visit the “” website to explore how to save up on United-operated flights.

Is it possible to get a discounted ticket on

No, flight tickets are not available on the website but it’s only ready in the United app.

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