Cheapest Universities in Canada for International Students 2022

One of the major problems International students have about studying in Canada is the feeling that every university in Canada is expensive. Nevertheless, Do you wish to study in Canada and still pay affordable tuition fees? Then, this write-up about cheap universities in Canada is for you! These universities are a good fit for your Undergraduate, Masters’, and Doctorate degrees. Before you decide to study at a Canadian university as an international student, you need to evaluate why you want to study in Canada. Let’s look at some of the most common reasons.

Cheapest Universities in Canada

Reasons why you should study in Canada

  • Quality and Internationally Recognized Degrees

Canada places a lot of importance on education and maintains very high standards in education. A degree acquired from Canadian universities is recognized globally and is valued highly in the international job market. Canada is renowned for its research-intensive universities. Canada is ranked 4th in the world for scientific research.

  • Varied Options

The choice of schools in Canada is wide and varied, from major research institutions to small liberal arts schools & universities offer a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs in a very flexible model. Canada has 100 universities, 200 colleges & renowned institutes, accredited language schools as well as specialized institutes.

  • Affordable Education & Living

Canada offers not only quality education, but education that is affordable for international including Indian students. Compared to countries like the UK, the USA, and Australia, the cost of education in Canada is quite moderate. (Also read: Cost of Living in Canada & Accommodation for Foreign Students in Canada)

  • Student Friendly

Canada has the best-educated people and the highest literacy rate in the world. Canadians live longer than anyone on the planet, except people in Japan and Iceland. Canada’s prime cities Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal have been recognized as world-class cities to live and work, for cleanliness, safety, cultural activities, and attractive lifestyles. Two Canadian cities have been rated as the most student-friendly cities in the QS rankings’ top 10 list for 2017.

  • Safe Country

A very important factor for most Indian and other international students while choosing a study abroad program is the safety and security of the country and the city in particular. Parents are worried about the safety of their children and factors like a crime against women, racial discrimination, theft, and burglary play an important role while choosing a destination for study abroad. In this respect, Canada is one of the safest places to study with very low crime rates and cases of racial discrimination. Statistics by Numbeo reveal that Canada’s safety index (62.42) is much higher than the safety indices of another popular study abroad destinations such as US (49.99), UK (57.9) and Australia (57.94).

  • Multicultural Environment

Canada has a multicultural environment with people of all religions, races, and cultures. The people of Canada are extremely friendly and welcoming. The multicultural environment gives students an opportunity to interact with people of all backgrounds and ethnicity. There are numerous communities and associations of which you can be a part and get a feeling of a home away from home. The multicultural environment also helps you find restaurants serving ethnic and traditional Indian foods. You can contact your international student advisor to find out about the ethnic club or association you can join to soak in the homely feeling of the country to which you belong. No wonder that Canada has the 7th largest student population in the world, with 2,65,000 international students studying at various levels of education!]

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Cheap Universities in Canada and Annual Tuition Fees for International Students (USD)

This is the average cost of Canadian universities with low tuition fees for international students. So, kindly check the tuition links that I have listed below with each university to figure out the exact tuition fees for your major and program.

1. University of Ottawa

  • University of Ottawa Acceptance Rate
  • Canada Citizens: $6,765
  • International: $31,444
  • The University of Ottawa is a large public university located in Ottawa, Ontario. It provides lectures in both English and in French making it one of the largest bilingual universities in the world. It is also the prestigious member of U15, which is a group of Canadian Universities that has been acknowledged for their research efforts. Currently, there are 35,000 undergraduates and 5,000 graduate students that are studying at this fabulous university.

2. University of Alberta

  • Canada Citizens: $5,321
  • International: $21,668
  • The University of Alberta was established by two men whose names are Rutherford and Tory. These men were influential in establishing other universities in Canada. Its a huge endowment of 1.2 billion dollars helps the university to operate and also lower the tuition. It has some departments that are ranked in the top 100 programs in the world.

3. University of Northern British Columbia

  • Canada Citizens: $5,318
  • International: $18,612
  • University of Northern British Columbia is a university with five campuses located British Columbia, this middle-sized university is one of the most affordable for graduate students. The student body is comprised of approximately 4,000 students and there is an important offer of various programs. Some of these are related to medical science while others are in the area of business administration. From master’s to doctorate, this is a great option for students wishing to continue their higher education after finishing their bachelor’s degree.

4.  Dalhousie University

  • Dalhousie University Acceptance Rate
  • Canada Citizens– $10,010
  • International – $20,300
  • Dalhousie University University is another famous Canadian university. This public research university is located in Nova Scotia. It provides great research programs to its students. Also, Dalhousie University is ranked approximately 300th university globally. Compared to other universities in the US or UK that are ranked around the same, it provides its undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees for cheap tuition.

5. The University of Winnipeg

  • Canada Citizens: $3,675
  • International: $13,695
  • The University of Winnipeg is a Canadian university with low tuition fees for international students and is home to approximately 10,000 students in the 2018-2020 school year. Its focus is on undergraduate students, and it has received good rankings in undergraduate education because of its focus. Also, it offers it’s superb education to both domestic and international students for affordable tuition fees.

6. University of New Brunswick

  • Canada Citizens: $10,000
  • International: $21,000
  • The University of New Brunswick is a fabulous institution in Canada. It has a strong curriculum in a variety of subjects including science, engineering, nursing, and medicine. Prospective students should take a look at the University of New Brunswick because the University has a lot to offer. It is the oldest Public University in Canada.

7. Brandon University

  • Canada Citizens: $3,602
  • International: $7,203
  • Brandon University was established in 1889 and is one of the cheapest Canadian universities with low tuition fees in Arts, Science, Education, Music, and Nursing. In 2018 – 2019, there are 3,000 undergraduate students currently attend Brandon University, and you can become one too!

8. Simon Fraser University

  • Canada Citizens: $3,000
  • International: $5,300
  • Simon Fraser University is a huge institution located in British Columbia Canada. It has many different campuses such as the one in Vancouver other than the main campus. Although it is often shadowed by the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University is still an excellent Canadian university that has a strong curriculum.
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9. Memorial University of Newfoundland

  • Canada Citizens $5,000
  • International:  $10,000
  • The Memorial University of Newfoundland is a relatively easier Canadian university to be admitted to because of its admission rate of 66.8% admission rate. Its Medicine, Education, and Geology Departments are some of the best in Canada. Interested students shouldn’t hesitate to apply.

10. Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology

  • Canada Citizens: $4,275
  • International: $14,500
  • Cambrian College is a publicly funded college of applied arts and technology located in Ontario, Canada. The college was established in 1967. It operates two campuses in Ontario. The college has five schools including schools of business, justice, health sciences, engineering, and environmental sciences. These schools offer more than 90 full-time programs. Cambrian College is best known for its computer and engineering technology programs. The college has three student associations that provide an opportunity to the students towards developing leadership skills. This college has given a number of politicians and technology experts to the country.

11. St. Francis Xavier University

  • Canada Citizens– $8,830
  • International – $8,830
  • St. Francis Xavier University is a public university located in Antigonish, Canada. It was established in 1835 as a college and attained the status of university in 1994. It is one of the oldest universities present in Canada. As of now, it is an undergraduate university that offers programs in liberal arts, science, business, management, etc. The university is organized into 5 faculties and institutes. The students union at St. Francis Xavier University provides the students with an opportunity to develop leadership skills. This university has produced a number of great politicians in the country. The campus life of the students at this university is also very cheerful.

12. Dominican University College

  • Canada Citizens: $4,364
  • International: $12,494
  • This excellent cheap college in Canada is a Catholic institution located in Ontario. It was formed in 1900 and has an affiliation with Carleton University. It offers affordable undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees. Its strong academic areas are philosophy, history, and theology.

13. University of Calgary

  • Canada Citizens: $5,386
  • International: $18,388
  • This affordable university in Canada is located in Alberta and it started as a branch of the University of Alberta. However, in time, it developed into an independent university that now offers different programs, from law to health science and business. This university has over 80 different research centers. This makes it a very attractive option for International graduate students interested in continuing their education in Canada. Notable alumni have gone and created great projects outside of the school, such as Uber co-founder Garrett Camp. The student body is comprised of approximately 25,000 students. There are programs offered at campuses located in other countries, such as the case of Qatar.

14. Cape Breton University

  • Canada Citizens – $8,040
  • International – $16,080
  • Cape Breton University is known to have a cheap MBA program in Canada. This university is currently located in Nova Scotia with other excellent universities in the area. It has a beautiful campus, and its surroundings are very pretty. They have millions of dollars in endowments which they spend in improving their curriculum and facilities for its students.

15. St. Paul University

  • Canada Citizens: $5,278
  • International: $12,766
  • St. Paul University is located in Ottawa, Canada. Similar to the Ottawa University that is located in the same city, the University of St. Paul offers education in both French and in English. So, students who are more familiar with French can still receive fabulous education in Canada by attending these bilingual universities
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16. Canadian Mennonite University

  • Canada Citizens: $7,410
  • International: $10,003
  • This university is a relatively young university that was founded in 1999. It was established by merging three different universities to make a bigger university. It offers strong programs in MBA, Business, Fine Arts, and Theology. It also has various Athletic programs such as Soccer, Basketball, and Volleyball. Canadian Mennonite University is on the list of cheapest Canadian universities and colleges for undergraduate and Master’s programs.

17.  Saskatchewan Polytechnic

  • Canada Citizens – $5,500 (Approx.)
  • International – $14,500 (Approx.)
  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic is a Public Educational Institution located in Saskatchewan. This Institute was established in 1959. It is regarded as the top public institution for technical education and skill development located in Saskatchewan. This institute has four campuses. It is organized into four schools that offer more than 150 programs in visual media, aviation, health services, hospitality, etc. The institute has more than 14,000 students and around 1900 academic faculty members. It has partnerships with a number of other institutes for the skill development and training of the students. The trained students of Saskatchewan Polytechnic are known to have great practical skills and are preferred by the companies for employment.

18. First Nations University of Canada

  • Canada Citizens – $6,533
  • International – $19,598
  • First Nations University of Canada is located in Saskatchewan, Canada. It is a public research university having three campuses. The university was established in 1976. Although it is recognized as a university, it is actually a federated college affiliated with the University of Regina. Therefore, the degrees earned at First Nations University of Canada are actually from the University of Regina. The students at this university pay the same fee as paid by the students at the University of Regina. It has been facing some staff-related problems in the past couple of years.

19. St Thomas More College

  • Canada Citizens – $6,950
  • International – $20,000
  • Located in Saskatchewan, St Thomas More College (STM College) is a public college of liberal arts. The college was established in 1935. It is a federated college of the University of Saskatchewan. The college offers associate degree programs in English, linguistics, history, economy, catholic-studies, etc. The students at STM College receive the degree of the University of Saskatchewan, as it is not an autonomous degree-awarding college. This cheap college in Canada has around 1500 full-time as well as part-time students. It has 135 academic faculty members. Students at STM College get an opportunity to join a number of organizations for their personal development. These organizations provide valuable experience and practical skills to the students.

20. MacEwan University

  • Canada Citizens: $4,620
  • International: $18,240
  • MacEwan University is a Public Research University Located in Alberta, Canada. It was established in 1971 as a community college and attained the status of University in 2004. MacEwan University currently offers only undergraduate degree programs. It is organized into six schools and faculties which offer undergraduate degrees in the fields of arts, education, health sciences, and nursing, etc. This cheap university in Canada has more than 20,000 students. International students from different countries of the world are also currently enrolled at MacEwan University.

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